Emmy, Golden Globe-Winning “Ugly Betty” Hits the Unemployment Line

A few more talented Hollywood folks will be hitting the job lines soon courtesy of ABC.

Our favorite gals and guys over at Mode are publishing their final issue at the end of this spring, their fourth season on the air. This shouldn’t be a shock, since the show has been passed around the primetime schedule more times than Tiger Woods around nightclub “hostesses”. And we all know how that played out.

I adore America Ferrera, though, and I know she’ll land on her feet. In fact, she’s at Sundance right now promoting her upcoming film, “The Dry Land”, an Iraq homecoming drama written by her real-life boyfriend. How cute is that? You might remember, Sundance is the star-making venue that catapulted America into the film world via “Real Women Have Curves”.

This is just another example of riding the employment roller coaster. Filled with promise and glowing praise, you could be up one day and down the next. But, there’s always another curve around the bend sure to send you rising back to the top with thrills and ecstasy. Oh actors…maybe they really are just like us.




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