Should You Go Gaga in Your Job Search?

Last night’s Grammy Awards got me thinking: How far would you go to stand out in the job market?

When I saw red carpet photos of trendette de jour Lady Gaga in her crazy-ass Armani get up, it hit me. Glam Rock Girlfriend turns heads, gets oodles of press and is photographed everywhere she goes because she’s fearless. She’s assured ink when she appears out in public dressed in some freaky futuristic frock. We all know her name because she’s fun, outrageous and takes a flying leap out of the box. She keeps everyone guessing what it is she’ll do next.

We certainly don’t want to take interview dress tips from Lady Gaga, but she can teach us a lot about pluck, creativity, guts and how to keep just the right amount of mystery surrounding you. Those elements are golden keys to success.

What helpful tips would you take away from Gaga? Anyone else at the Grammys catch your attention?

Photo: Sindh Today

3 responses to “Should You Go Gaga in Your Job Search?

  1. Hmm interesting food for thought! At this point in time, I think you have to go further than you normally would to stand out from those competing with you for the same job. I think the furthest I would go would be doing something creative like creating some sort of video resume in addition to my real resume and cover letter. Something a little gutsy but still showing talent and drive. It will certainly be memorable.

  2. Oh come on, Jamie–you’re not pondering some sparkly, silver Armani space suit for your next interview?

  3. Haha, oh you caught me! I was trying to be secretive about it so nobody else would steal my idea!

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