FINALLY Someone Makes a Smart Decision on “The Bachelor” – Ali Chooses Her Job Over Jake

Let me say this first: I’m mortified that I’ve gotten sucked back into that vortex of smut ABC calls “The Bachelor”. But it’s SO good! In fact, on Entertainment Weekly‘s Web site, a reader commented that watching “The Bachelor” is like “eating deep fried Twinkies”. Indeed, it is.

On last night’s installment, most of the drama revolved around Ali Fedotowsky, the advertising account manager from San Francisco (or as I like to call her, “Mean Girl”). Apparently, Ali’s company stepped in and gave her an ultimatum: Her job or the show. Or for Ali: Love or Money.

From Jake’s Bachelor Blog: “My heart crumbled when she told me her boss demanded her back at work. I didn’t actually think she would leave me. We talked about it for three hours that night while the poor women at the rose ceremony just waited. She actually didn’t have to be back at work for four or five more days but we were leaving the country the next morning, so she had to make a decision. I felt like she wanted me to make the choice for her, but I couldn’t. How could I live with myself if I told her, ‘No! You are not leaving me now!'”

Smart girl, that Ali.

She gracefully decided to leave the show, making her exit in the standard black limo while Jake pouted on camera, demonstrating his obvious angst. Ali knew she’d rather have job security than her ass in the unemployment line. Can you imagine if she’d stayed and had Jake pick villainess Vienna Girardi in the end? The 25-year old Massachusetts-native would’ve gone nuts and probably knifed Vienna for stealing everything and leaving her a broken shell of a woman.

We all know well that a job is hard to come by. Men? They’re like trains. Just as one’s departing, another one arrives into the station. 

What would you have done if you were Ali? Would you have chosen the potential for love over steady work and a paycheck?

Photo: ABC

5 responses to “FINALLY Someone Makes a Smart Decision on “The Bachelor” – Ali Chooses Her Job Over Jake

  1. I would have stayed out of curiousity more than anything. Let’s face it, she’s an advertising account manager in a recession year. The chances of going back ro work and getting laid off are just as big as hanging in for the adventure. Her management probably wanted to know if they could spend her 70K salary in the quarter. LOL. In any case, I do see your point on the whole show – it’s a time suck but we love it.

    • Laura, you have a fabulous point. And I wish in this day and time we could all take that chance. Plus, I would love to have seen Ali and Vienna finally duke it out for all of us to see.

      You are probably right about her job wanting to save the 70K. 🙂

  2. My husband just told me that she works at Facebook. If that’s true, I see the allure…! Glad your Saints had a good week 🙂

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