About Miss Pink Slip

I’m a 34-year old formerly unemployed girl in Atlanta who is sick of all the doom and gloom.

Why did I establish Miss Pink Slip when there are countless related blogs out there for consumption?

Frankly, I was tired of reading depressing, downright toolish Web sites related to the job search, so I created MissPinkSlip.com to give unemployment a sense of humor, shoot the bull about the experience and offer you some decent tips in the process. Many of my experiences and resources are Atlanta-focused, but I’ve gone beyond our city limits, too. Miss Pink Slip doesn’t want to leave anyone out! 

I hope you’ll get some laughs, find motivation and be reminded that even though you’re out of work, things could always be worse.

28 responses to “About Miss Pink Slip

  1. Hey Miss Pink Slip,
    Glad you found something productive to do and while you are maintaining a sense of humor!

    Enjoy the Oscars and Oprah’s follow up tomorrow.

    Keep a good attitude and if you are this industrious, then it’s a good idea to pursue internet relationships/strategic business partnerships…who knows what may turn up!

    Best to you. Hanging in by a fingernail here myself. Liquidating, dumping all negative and fighting the said fight.

    Don’t give up.

  2. This is an awesome site. I appreciate the wit and humor you bring to these troubled times. Keep up the good work, and I will be reading frequently.

  3. Miss Pink Slip, welcome to the world of unemployment blogs. We should link up – check us out at the home of New York’s Official Unemployment Benefit Collection Club, http://www.the405club.com. We’re all in the same boat, collecting the weekly $405 from NY. Reach out to us – we’re all in this together!


  4. Well, you know that’s the strategy for me and UPiC (Unemployed Partner in Crime).

  5. whitegirlonthebus

    You said you were looking for other unemployment blogs. I offer Girl on the Brink: Surviving Desperate Times with Desperate Measures at http://www.girlonthebrink.com

  6. I really enjoy your website. I found it through another unemployment blog by a friend of mine (www.recentlylaidoff.com). I too am doing things in the field of online unemployment, but instead of a blog I’ve created a website (http://www.becomed.com) to help the unemployed to track the dozens (hundreds?) of resumes and job applications they submit, and keep on top of action items like interview follow ups.

    • Hi, Mike–

      Congratulations on your new venture. How did it come about?

      • Well, I realized that I wasn’t being too organized about my own job search, and I couldn’t find any online application that does what I needed, so I created one myself. I figured that even if no one else uses it, it won’t be a wasted effort since I’ll be using it myself. But it’s really been attracting a lot of people who needed exactly such a website.

  7. Hi Miss Pink Slip!

    I would like to speak with the owner of this site regarding cross-marketing. We have a number of opportunities to market our site and we would like to share those opportunities with other helpful layoff sites. We are 100% non-profit, no ads allowed. All run by volunteers.

    Please email me craig@layoffsupportnetwork.com with your address

    To everybody else: The LSN is kind of like Facebook for laid off people. We focus more on surviving the layoff then on finding a job. Please checj us out. We are all in this together (my partner and I were laid off as well)

  8. Hi Miss Pink Slip!

    I am graduating this year (in about 1 week!!) and your friend Laura Scholz spoke at on of my classes about PR and mentioned your website. I have been reading and I LOVE IT!! Soo cute and helpful! I wanted to let you know about a website on of my friends told me about.


    You can get restaurant gift cards for half the price! It really works!

    Keep up the funny articles! Good luck with the job hunt too =)

  9. Thanks so much, Liz! I’ll have to share Half Off Depot!

    I’m lucky that I’ve been in a job for two months now, but I still understand what the pink slip nation is going through. I hope I can continue to provide information, tips and a good laugh to those who need it.

    Good luck with graduation! That’s such an exciting time, and don’t let this economy dampen those spirits.

  10. Hi I like your blog.I like the fave ATL blogs part.Tooooo bad I’m not from ATL but I would still like you to check out mine.I know the names long but I think its worth it…


  11. Thanks for a wonderful blog. I’m sometimes amazed at the amount of informative and often funny posts you make daily.
    I’ve added your blog to our very selective list of related sites on our http://survivalinsight.com homepage. Check out the site when you get a chance and see if it might be worth adding to your blogroll.

  12. Check out UnemploymentParty.com
    Hope you will enjoy and reciprocal link – thanks!

  13. Hey Miss Pink Slip,

    I’m just following up on your post on FiredNetwork to let you know that we’ve become FiredUpNetwork to better reflect the nature of the site. If you email me your address I’ll send you our press release, new logo, etc…

  14. Welcome. A friend and I started nojobsurvivor.com back in January as a portal, resource and discussion website for the laidoff. It barely pays its hosting bills but its a labor of love and keeps us busy while tracking down the next big opportunity. Or frankly any decent opportunity. We are not a blog per se but will link to you off our blog roll. We all need any help we can get in these tough times.

    BTW I can’t find you on twitter using your account id above.

    Anyway good luck and keep up the wordage.


  15. I am having some trouble posting today.. not sure if it’s me or wordpress… sorry if you already got this message or perhaps it came thru as spam??!!

    Anyhow, as someone who has recently joined the unemployment club, I’ve been spending a ton of time scouring the web for entertaining sites and I love your blog! I’d love to share links with you if you are interested!


  16. Hey Miss Pink Slip,

    Love the blog! I think it’s great to see people banding together to help one another during this downturn — and it certainly helps the mood when your writing is so sharp!

    I know you’re getting tired of “self-help” books, but I did want to share a link to my company’s most recent endeavor. It’s a guide to the networking process called “Stop Job Searching, Start Networking” (http://www.stopjobsearching.com). If you’re interested in checking it out and reviewing it, I’d be happy to send you a free demo copy — just shoot me an e-mail and let me know.

    Best of luck,
    Dan Newman, JobBound

  17. I came across your website while doing research for my website, http://www.suddenlyunemployed.com.

    I created SuddenlyUnemployed.com a couple of months after becoming unemployed myself. I hope you will check out my site when you get a chance and will consider adding it to your Blogroll.

    I wish you all the best!


  18. What a great site. We would like to feature yours as well as other’s content on our blog – http://helpmyresume.wordpress.com. HelpMyResume.Org offers FREE resume and cover letter assistance.

  19. We love your site, Miss PS! Would you consider linking us http://www.myveryworstjob.com to your blogroll? We’ll do the same. Thanks.

  20. Hmm it seems like your site ate my 1st comment (it absolutely was super long) thus I guess I’ll just total it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any useful hints for rookie blog writers? I’d genuinely appreciate it.

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