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Let’s Unleash the Experts: LA Fashion and Image Consultant Shares 3 Tips for Improving Your Interview Appearance

You’ve heard it all before:mirror

  • “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”
  • “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”
  • “Beauty is only skin deep.”

We’re told all the time that our smarts and personalities lead to success. And that’s certainly right! But, you’ve got to consider the whole package. When you’re searching for a new job, first impressions count and it’s often shallow nuances that can stick with the interviewer.

Burbank-based image and fashion consultant Lori Ann Robinson got in touch with me recently, and her perspective is that “your image is your personal visual message, and just as a corporate visual message is critical to the confidence and success of the organization, your personal image is a message that is critical to your personal confidence and success.”

Lori graciously offered three of her top tips for maximizing your image while interviewing:

  • Review, rethink and update your hair and make up to stay current. Remember, the higher you are on the food-chain of success, the more your image matters
  • Remember the importance of your face, since most of the time the interviewer will be focused on it. Be aware of everything from your make-up to your teeth. I suggest a trip to the “close up” mirror just to be sure all is ship shape
  • Look in three-way mirror to do a check. Remember the interviewer will see you coming and going. Yes, that stain on the back of your pants from the Mexican restaurant will be seen, and you cannot back out of the office now can you?

I think #3 is one of the most obvious, but most important things to remember. Your pants may look just fine in the front, but what about the rear view? Did you clip those extra threads in the back slit of your skirt? Is your jacket straining in the back? Is the leather on the back of your heels scuffed from cracks in the sidewalk? Sounds silly, but details count. If you look sloppy, they’ll think you probably perform sloppily.

I hope these helpful hints help you polish your look. But, don’t get so focused on your improved image that you forget your interview questions!

Check out more information from Lori:

Let’s Unleash the Experts: Two Tips from Karla Porter on Keywords and Jobs

I’ve exchanged some tweets with the lovely Karla Porter, a workforce and recruitment expert in Pennsylvania, and she wanted to share two of her tips for using keywords/SEO to your advantage in your job search. 

  1. Memorize job posting keywords and use them in your interview when you discuss your experience
  2. Customize your cover letter and resume using keywords found in the job posting

Number two is particularly important since so many recruiters are scanning and searching online for that ideal candidate. Don’t miss out because they couldn’t find you! Optimize now!

Let’s Unleash the Experts: Quick Job Tip from Miriam Salpeter, Keppie Careers

“Don’t write [your] resume in a vacuum. Target jobs first, then connect the dots between what you offer and what the employer needs.” — Miriam Salpeter, Keppie Careers

Check out Keppie Careers here!

Miriam is very active on Twitter, too! She’s always giving out awesome tips. Follow her now @Keppie_Careers.

Let’s Unleash the Experts: 7 Tried-and-True Networking Tips from President and CEO of Executives Network

Molly Wendell – President and CEO of Executives Network – was one of us, so she definitely knows how it feels to be scrambling for work and what it takes to get back into the game.

Some scoop from her peeps: “Molly was once out of work for two years and three days—until she finally figured out networking was the key to landing a job. She gave the popular job boards a pink slip—and then put her own job search ideas to work. The result? Molly had nearly 30 job offers in 90 days! Since then, Molly has since helped more than 2,500 people land jobs.” This gal obviously knows something.

Molly Wendell’s 7 Tips for Landing a Job in 2009
1.  FIRE the job boards. Stop wasting time sitting behind the computer—it’s highly inefficient
2.  Get out and meet people—network, network, network
3.  Be proactive (not reactive)
4.  Be specific and terrific
5.  Make a great first (and lasting) impression
6.  Tap into “the strength of the weak.” Those you know the least tend to provide the strongest contacts
7.  Stay positive and motivated

Read more here:

PS: I employed almost all of these networking tips during the course of my job search…and they work! However, I wish I’d thought about #6. That’s a good one to keep in mind. Thanks so much for telling us your secrets, Molly!