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Sending Job Search Karma to You Guys at Brides’, Too!

Goodness gracious! On the heels of Monday’s announcement that Conde Nast is closing four magazines, is the news that Brides is laying off twelve staffers. Who’s next? It’s like a death watch over there.

Ex-Conde Nast Employees: MPS Is Sending You Good Job Search Karma!

gourmetIt’s no secret I’m a magazine whore. I adore the tactile experience of pulling it out of the mailbox, scanning the cover (sometimes gagging at the cover model) and crawling under my duvet to devour its contents. I love the artwork, which I don’t think can be justly reproduced online. I don’t think you can duplicate the reading experience online, either. Helloooo…I spend enough time at the computer.

So when the news came out Monday that Conde Nast was closing Gourmet, Cookie, Elegant Bride and Modern Bride, dedicated readers hit the Web to express their shock, sadness and displeasure. I mean, Gourmet has been the best friend of gastronomists for 70 years!

I’m still smarting after the closure of Domino, so afterbride thinking to myself “the bloodbath continues”, I thought of all the employees who are losing their jobs. The job market in NYC is tough enough. Hell, the market all over is still tough, especially in creative fields. So I want to send all the good karma and wishes I can your way, ex-Conde Nasters. Here’s hoping you find even better success down the road with fabulous new work! 


MPS Newsstand: Cosmopolitan July 2009

lauren-conrad-cosmopolitan-july-2009Just got mine in the mail, and I have to say, it’s a great issue. Yes, Lauren Conrad is on the cover, but I’d rather see her than floating eyes Audrina, bleached out Heidi or, worse, Spencer. Also, the cover headlines don’t convey the fun inside Cosmopolitan‘s pages. Here’s the dirt:

The Good:

  • Loads of stories about men: getting a man; what he’s thinking; fixing your shitty sex life; what not to discuss on a date; why he needs space; soul mates; signs he digs you; 100 straight-forward, wham-bam-thank you-ma’am answers to questions about sex–this one’s great.I know it sounds like bogging yourself down in guy land, but let’s face it: it’s Summer, dating’s a good distraction from job hunting and you don’t have to buy one of MANY $20 books about the same subjects!
  • Confessions pages. Always fun. Always distracting. Always glad it’s not me
  • Inexpensive, “fun fearless fashion”. Usually the clothes in Cosmo, are way cheesy, but some of the offerings are really cute! Love the Avon earrings on p. 61!
  • Affordable beauty products, tips and cheap splurges
  • “Fake a Spa-Perfect Pedicure”, p. 84. Those salon foot pampering sessions don’t come cheap!
  • “When Fights Get Physical”, pp. 124-127. Everyone should be aware of dating violence, whether it’s happening to you or a friend
  • “Feel So Freakin’ Sexy”, pp. 136-139. Just plan silly and fun
  • Money saving tips
  • Excerpts from 4 hot beach reads, pp.146-148
  • Becoming a thrill seeker and daredevil, pp. 150-153
  • Chelsea Handler’s new “Ask Chelsea” column

The Bad:

  • Hot Sheet – Who cares about Kelly Osbourne and her ghostly boyfriend?
  • Article on Lauren Conrad, pp. 28-31. Nothing new in the least
  • “1 Top, 2 Ways”, p. 68. By now, if you don’t already know how to work a white t-shirt 50 different ways, you’re hopeless beyond the pages of a fashion magazine

The Ugly:

  • “One-Tone Hair or Two?”, p. 34 – Do we really need a poll to tell us it makes you look cheap?
  • “Heidi’s Not So in Love”, p. 36. Again–who cares about this fame-whoring duo???
  • “Why They’re Still Virgins”, p. 130-132. Once again. Do I care? These girls are all in their early 20s. Give me someone who’s 35 or 40 for a real shocker!

The Verdict: Four BIG Pink Slips. For the sheer fun and frivolity alone!

MPS Newsstand Archives: March 2009

fast company

Meant to send this out back in ‘da day, but I forgot. It’s still a great resource! Go check out’s Top Jobs 2009 Web feature:

From Fast Company: “Downsized? Burned out? Just curious? We scoured the globe and grilled hiring experts for our annual package on the hot careers of this year and the future.”

Take a peek at the contents: 

  • Where in the World to Find a Job
  • Ten Best Green Jobs
  • Seven Steps to Surviving a Post-Layoff Existence
  • Dream Jobs to Delight Your Inner Child
  • Career Advice for Tough Times
  • Fast Cities 2009


MPS Newsstand: Atlanta Magazine June 2009

The 06June09Good

  • The cover – It’s all about jobs, baby!
  • From the Editor – a kind reminder that this rough economic time, too, shall pass
  • Story on Andy from “The Office”, pp. 19-20. Did you know he’s from Atlanta? The actor, not Andy. That guy makes me laugh my ass off.
  • The Jobs section – pp. 55 -65. Everything from how to find a job to networking to top growing area industries to higher ed, psychology and unemployment 101. It addresses how to keep the job you have, too.
  • Entrepreneurs “Come in We’re Open”, pp. 70 – 85

The Bad

  • Review of Restaurant Eugene. The restaurant is apparently incredible. But couldn’t you review it in an issue that’s not all about jobs and people having no money? It’s not like we can afford to go. 🙂 But we want to!
  • Same with the cocktail story on pp. 46-47. I’m out to find a deal on Bud Light, not what ridiculously expensive drink I can get at the W.
  • Gorgeous home features. I’m jealous.

The Ugly

  • News that Atlanta is the 10th most “unhappy” major U.S. city (even BEFORE the recession). Isn’t that like kicking us while we’re down?

The Verdict: Four Pink Slips. Great stories and useful, applicable information on jobs and the recession. Well worth the purchase.

Recessed, Depressed and Need a Big Cry? Enlist a Friend and Let It Flow

I think it’s safe to say if you’ve lost your job or are close to someone who’s been laid off, you’ve experienced some tears. And you’ve probably tried to fight them back. Well, Psychology Today tells us if we borrow a buddy’s shoulder and and unleash the flood gates, we might feel better!

According to Psychology Today‘s June issue (on stands now), 88.8 percent of people feel better after crying. Also, Sophie Kerszberg writes, “weep on a friend’s shoulder and you might share a smile afterward. Sob alone and you may be left with your problem and a tear-soaked pillow for your troubles.”

Good advice. Now grab a Kleenex and get on with it.

**This is a good issue. I’ll be reviewing it later for MPS Newsstand.

MPS Newsstand: US News & World Report May 2009

Get thee to a newsstand before this issue exits the racks! I picked it up at the airport — wish I’d seen it sooner!

The May 2009 issue is themed “Jobs for the Future” and is chock full of information for all of yousnewscover_CV_20090421210341u, whether you’re jobless, strugging, questioning and/or seeking a new path.

Brian Kelly’s editor’s note focuses on “career audit[s]”, pointing out the hidden value of a recession — that is, this is a great time to reevaluate your work life and where it’s going.

Articles include:

  • How to Win the New Job Game
  • Choosing the Career Path Less Traveled
  • This Year’s Best Careers
  • Smart Way to Give Your Career a Boost
  • Obama’s Green Light for Green Jobs
  • Win at Work
  • Making a Living as a Professional Blogger
  • Relocating
  • Landing a Job After 50
  • Social Networking
  • Online Education and Grad Programs
  • Strategies for Saving Money
  • Status of B-Schools, Law Schools and Med Schools

There is really something in here for everyone. Some of the content may be things you’ve heard before, but I still think it’s the best $4.99 you’ll spend this week!

MPS Newsstand: Marie Claire June 2009

beyonce-marie-claire-june-2009-coverThe Good:

  • Beyonce on cover. I just like her, and I love that she’s telling all the boys to “put a ring on it”
  • Up-front fashion spreads. Granted, there are still Roger Vivier wedge espadrilles and Cartier watches, but there are equal amounts Gap, Timex and American Eagle
  • “What the Guys I Date Don’t Know”, pg. 69. About a girl born with rare body deformations and her dating woes. She talks about navigating men’s stupidity and how she keeps her chin up. See, things could be worse than looking for work
  • Library Card sidebar on pg. 78 – love the budget-friendly suggestion to borrow books. We love libraries! Help keep ’em in business!
  • The Careerist, pg. 90 – pretty decent advice on layoff insurance and how to keep your job in a tough environment. Not sure I like the “Tracy Flick” suggestion, but the rest of the “Pink-Slip Promotion” tips are sound
  • Recession-Proof Your Skin – tips for maximizing your skin care dollar
  • The Eating Diaries, pg. 172 – discusses how what you eat affects your skin, mind, energy and mood
  • Head Case, pg. 178 – stress, migraines and lost work. Offers tips on prevention and news on possible treatments
  • My horoscope – pretty durn positive. Looks like I’m going to have a hot date!

The Bad:

  • Beauty Buys, pg. 54.  Who has $175 for Estee Lauder solid perfumes??
  • Story on Indian customer service reps. When I read about the issues involved, I wonder why they take those jobs overseas in the first place. I know. I know. It’s $$$. And, it’s not the fault of the Indians working for our American companies. They’re just trying to make a rupee
  • Laser 101 – High Tech Skin Savers, pg. 164. Who in the hell can afford it?

The Ugly:

  • An “exclusive” look at Ashley Olsen’s “brand-new do”. She gets a cut by a high profile stylist, MC posts it minute-by-minute in progress. It literally looks like he blindfolded himself (which I know he didn’t b/c he’s in the pictures) and hacked away at her hair like Edward Scissorhands without the Scissorhands results. It’s heinous. Much like the Olsen twins’ wardrobes (post-“Full House”, that is)
  • Tropic Thunder beach fashion spread – the only people that could afford these clothes are socialites gracing the beaches of St. Barts. And that’s not us.  The “Shop the Shoot” companion page is more palatable.

The Verdict: Four Pink Slips. Nice balance of recession-worthy stories, serious profiles and luxury items we can dare to dream about. You can tell they’ve been diligent about taking our economic temperature and reflecting it in their pages.


MPS Newsstand: Vogue May 2009

6e11fe022f3e5c94_vogue_may1_previewI’m not even going to break this one down into “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”. There’s only one recession-relevant piece – Lynn Yaeger’s Up Front titled “On the Market” about reconciling “a love for buying beautiful things with her new freelance writer’s budget” – and it’s filled with Yaeger’s musings on having to give up Marc Jacobs t-shirts, a Lanvin bag, a tulle Comme de Garcons skirt and other former necessities. 

I can’t hate her, though. She did work at the Voice, likes Lean Cuisine and takes public transportation.  

Other articles include a roundtable of models, hotel highlights, fashions shot in India, a feature on what “three supermodels wear when the workday is done” and a photo shoot of models and their boyfriends.

It’s Vogue–should we expect any less? Do we actually think Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Talley would begin to feature entire fashion layouts of Forever 21 and Old Navy? Would they do an interview with Gisele Bundchen about her love of Tasti-D-Lite and Subway? I think not.

Verdict: One Pink Slip

–Confession: I love Vogue; it’s an escape. But, when times are down, it can warp reality for you in the time it takes to read Anna’s editor’s letter.

MPS Newsstand: Atlanta Magazine May 2009


The Good:

  • Bill Addison’s cover story “Eat Cheap!” – what more could we broke folks want? Even if you’re jobless, you still need to eat…once in a while, somewhere outside your home among the living. Addison offers metro Atlanta “bargain bites” you can afford.  My favorite spots include Souper Jenny (grilled cheese night!), MetroFresh(love the Mitchilli), George’s burgers, everything at Carver’s Country Kitchen  (get there before 11:30 a.m. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)
  • Charles at Large’s Agenda column on make-out spots in Atlanta. Good news! Most of them are cheap (Starlight Six Drive-in) or downright free (Dusty’s Barbecue parking lot on Briarcliff). Making out – cheap and easy? Oh, that’s just too good
  • Recession Obsession on pg. 32 – some interesting Bible verses interpreting lending and loved ones
  • Focus on Lila, pg. 44 – cute new shop in Inman Park with affordable accessories and fun, flirty frocks
  • Kamal Grant’s doughnut shop called Sublime Doughnuts, pg. 58 – cheap treat; can’t wait to go!

The Bad:

  • Cold-Hearted Cure – How hypothermia can save your life, pg. 28 – frankly, who cares???
  • Are Atlanta’s Streets Really Becoming More Dangerous? pg. 40 – just makes me nervous to go to my car at night
  • Review of BLT Steak, pp. 50-55 – who in the hell can afford to go?

The Ugly:

  • Deep Freeze, one woman’s story about freezing eggs to stop the biological clock, pp. 76-80, 88-91 – can I say depressed? In this issue, all I want to know about eggs is where to get a good three-egg omelet for pennies. Even more, Miss Pink Slip’s 35th birthday is coming up, I’m single and this is the last thing I want to think about. I realize this is personal, but hey! It’s my blog 

The Verdict: Four Pink Slips – the food guide alone is worth the purchase price!