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Patron Saint of the Jobless: Gabourey Sidibe

I haven’t posted a Patron Saint in a while, but yesterday’s Oscar nominations prompted this very special one for me.

While not technically unemployed (she was a student at Mercy College), this 26-year old had never acted professionally. That is, until Director Lee Daniels came along auditioning for “Precious” Jones, the lead character in his film “Precious”, based on the novel Push by Sapphire. As an aside, I’ve had this book on my radar for years, but have yet to read it. It’s now on my bedside table.

Gabourey Sidibe has since become the darling of Hollywood. She’s been nominated for Best Actress in every awards program imaginable (Academy Awards, Golden Globes, SAG, BAFTA, Independent Spirit, etc.). While it seems she’s been consistently bested by Oscar shoo-in Sandra Bullock, I believe she leads the pack with her performance in this heart-wrenching film. I left the theater grasping at my heart and feeling jubilant for this girl who, on screen, goes from an abused, pregnant sixteen-year old with a four-year old child by her own father to a woman with all-out gumption and a plan. Throughout, Gabourey makes Precious real and palpable. You just want to give her a big hug. On the red carpets, Gabourey presents herself as a young, fun, confident woman. I just want to hang out with her!

Anyhoo–that is why I’m naming Gabourey Sidibe a Patron Saint of the Jobless. She went from an unknown student to a world-class actress overnight, teaching all of us that anything is possible.

Patron Saints of the Jobless: Melrose Place Edition

Yeah, I’m looking at you, Josie Bissett, Thomas Calabrmelroseo, Laura Leighton, Daphne Zuniga and now, maybe, Grant Show. If you haven’t already heard, these well-known 1990s apartment dwellers will be gracing the small screen together again in CW’s remake of the Aaron Spelling classic drama. I call it a dramedy, but whatever.

Left out in the cold? The gang’s former watering hole, Shooters.

Before you say anything–I know these folks have been working off and on for years in TV movies, commercials, a few primetime shows, etc., but when was the last time you actually saw their names and photos in large print…on a regular basis?

Here’s to you, cast of Melrose Place. Thanks for reminding us that we all have second – and sometimes third – acts! We’ll be watching and rooting for you!

Melrose Place premieres Tuesday, September 8 at 9 p.m. ET on CW.

OMG We’re Back Again – Could BSB Be Next MPS Patron Saints of the Jobless?

Wow–NKOTB made my “Saint” list last week, and now the Backstreet Boys are back with a new single and European tour dates? If Nick Lachey tries to revive 98 Degrees, I will know we’re in hell…or would that be heaven? Gosh.


Patron Saints of the Jobless: New Kids on the Block

newkids3It’s been a while since I’ve saluted a Miss Pink Slip “Patron Saint of the Jobless”.

For the uninitiated, I periodically honor one of our unemployed friends in entertainment who has managed to buck the system and, in some cases, make a legit comeback. Past honorees include Mickey Rourke, M.C. Hammer and Tori Spelling. 

The New Kids on the Block absolutely fall into this category. Now, many will tell you these boys have worked on and off since their days rockin’ gelled versions of the fade in BOP and Tiger Beat. But it wasn’t until last year that they reappeared on the musical stage for a reunion tour (which is still traveling the country and ends July 18 in Houston) and began gathering steam in the press. They were everywhere – even “Today” – and women in their 30s have been flocking to their shows screaming just like they did when they were 12 and in denim jackets encrusted with tiny buttons featuring their “boyfriend” Little Joe. I think my friend Rachel even wore a side-ponytail to the Atlanta show.

The bottom line is that these guys are raking in the bucks and have made girls the world over giddy again with the falsetto strains of “Please Don’t Go Girl”, “Hangin’ Tough” and “The Right Stuff”. We may stiffle giggles, but they’re guffawing all the way to the bank.

Here’s to you, NKOTB.

Patron Saint of the Jobless: It’s Tori Spelling Appreciation Day!

tori-spelling-jennie-garth-90210With the recent debut of a catty tell-all tome titled Stories from Candyland by her mother Candy, Tori Spelling deserves a positive shout-out. In fact, I’m just going to declare today Tori Spelling Appreciation Day!

This girl has been through the wringer: Bad nose job; botched boob work and marriage; crappy inheritance; psycho mother; anorexia rumors, etc.

Some might say her career has certainly mirrored her personal roller coaster. Throughout and after “Beverly Hills, 90210”, Tori  starred in some DOWNRIGHT FABULOUS Lifetime movies: “Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?”, “Death of a Cheerleader”, “Co-Ed Call Girl”, etc. Then, she got married, divorced, married again and birthed two cute kids. During that time, she also hit a career slump (“Trick”, anyone?), but E! came calling with “Tori and Dean Inn Love”, HSN is hawking her jewelry line and publishers cashed in with a #1 New York Times Best Seller, sTORItelling. She appeared to seek just a wee bit of attention and work.

…then “90210” came calling again, needing a hit of Donna Martin Silver. Even with a million other ventures in progress and much hubbub about salary disputes, Tori finally makes her second “90210” debut TONIGHT. AND, if that isn’t enough, she also releases her second book, Mommywood, from Simon Spotlight Entertainment today!

Welcome back, Donna. You’re an inspiration for all of us who have thought, at one time or another, “Stick a fork in us. We’re done.”

Donna Martin graduate! Donna Martin graduate!

Patron Saint of the Jobless: Cristy Lane

I was just about to appoint someone else my newest Patron Saint of the Jobless; then, I saw a commercial for Cristy Lane on CNN.

cristylaneThis woman’s hair has barely moved an inch in 30 years. A country and gospel singer, Lane is best known for her signature hit “One Day at a Time” (no, the song has nothing to do with Schneider or Valerie Bertinelli).

For years, her albums were sold via ubiquitous TV advertisements but then  she seemed to drop off the face of the Earth. Recently, those same commercials are being repurposed and are running non-stop. They pretty much have the same retro sensibilities and kitschiness of ads for the Snuggie. I mean, have I mentioned the hair?

Why do I name her a Patron Saint of the Jobless? Because this Godly lady has taken one song (or maybe three) and used it as a cornerstone for compilation albums again and again. She’s STILL making money off that one song…and that one commercial! She may not be actively working, but she’s cashing in. You betcha. Something’s gotta pay for all those perms and cans of hairspray.

Another Patron Saint of the Jobless: MC Hammer

According tomchammer the AP, MC Hammer now has a reality show called “Hammertime” airing on A&E starting as early as May. See, dreams can come true! I hope he wears his hammer pants. mc-hammer-pattern



Speaking of, if you need a sewing project while you’re unemployed, perhaps check out the MC Hammer pants pattern from Simplicity. They’ll look fly for a job interview.

Special Miss Pink Slip Award for Mickey Rourke, Patron Saint of the Jobless

How can we let this year go by without honoring a man who has literally come back from the dead?

Mickey Rourke went from hot soft-porn hunk (“9 1mirrorukcompairisonphoto1/2 Weeks”) to bitter out-of-work boxer and, well, deadbeat. No one wanted to cast him, he was pissed off and volatile. This guy couldn’t have gotten work at a grocery store deli counter (which, ironically, he does in “The Wrestler”).

But we love comebacks!

Mickey Rourke knocked himself out (literally) in “The Wrestler”, and now everyone in America adores him again. His ring entrance to “Sweet Child of Mine” still sends chills up and down my arm. This man (and this movie) shows that anyone can be down and out, but if you shake the chip off your shoulder and humble yourself, you just might be able to work your way back to stardom.

Good luck tomorrow night, Mickey. I’ll be rooting for you!                                                                                 (Photo: Mirror UK)