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Pink Pick – 100 Motivational Blog Posts for the Unemployed

Pink Pick: I Hate People

ihatepeopleI’m late to the party, but I just discovered today. It’s like Jim from “The Office” and Peter from “Office Space” got together and founded a blog. Can’t wait to read more of this!

Pink Pinks: Layoff Support Network and FiredNetwork

Both Layoff Support Network and FiredNetwork are free networking sites. Layoff Support is much like Facebook in that you set up a profile, and it features 13 sections teeming with content, both useful and fun. It’s “one-stop shopping”.

FiredNetwork is geared to “change seekers” and “change facilitators”. It connects:

Change Seekers               ->           To       ->         Change Facilitators
Job Seekers                                                                Employers and Job Angels
Entrepreneurs and Company Buyers                              Investors and Company Sellers
Job Seekers                                                                Entrepreneurs so they can partner

Check these great sitesfiredout and support your brothers and sisters in unemployment!

Pink Pick: The Daily Groupon


My friend Kate sent this site to me, and I just signed up. Can’t wait to start receiving the emails!

“…features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in a variety of cities across the United States.”

Pink Pick: Little PINK Book

LITTLE-PINK-BOOK_LOGOThis literally is a “Pink Pick”!

I love Pink Magazine‘s Little PINK Book e-newsletter. It’s a light, fashionable, daily pick-me-up, complete with tid-bits on business, lifestyle, beauty, etc. If you haven’t signed up, do so now! Recent newsletter themes include:

  • Beating recession anxiety
  • Partying on a budget
  • The importance of philanthropy
  • Vitamins
  • Health insurance woes
  • Cool sneakers

See, it’s a little bit of everything — just like all us women out there. So go visit those sassy gals over at Pink and get informed!

Pink Pick:

Just discovered this great local site via Twitter:logo2, one-stop Atlanta job searching created by two born and bred Atlantans

From jobLANTA:

JobLANTA has one goal, find all of the available jobs in Atlanta and organize them in one easy to use website. We don’t just list jobs posted on our free job board we list jobs and links to every job website that serve the metro area. We also provide resume and interview tips to job seekers to help improve their chances of getting employed. We are always looking for new ways to better serve employers and potential employees. Owned and operated by two brothers who were raised and reside in Atlanta Georgia JobLANTA has a local home grown hands on approach that is unmatched in the Atlanta job market.”

Check it out and support your home boys!

Pink Pick: – Where the Jobs Are


Add to your bookmarks and favorite places!

Pink Pick: Bargain Babe


Julia, aka Bargain Babe, wants to “help you become a savvy-spender so you can take control of your finances and thrive during the recession.”

She’s terrific! And in addition to great deals, she posts a lot of useful, easily digestible info about hardcore finance. Site is well-organized and simple to navigate. Take a visit!

Suddenly Frugal’s “Free Stuff Friday” to Be Ongoing Friday Column

Head on over and visit Leah at Suddenly Frugal–she launches Free Stuff Friday today!

Pink Pick: Ask E. Jean

ejeanI love E. Jean Carroll. I’ve read her column in Elle for years. She’s like that friend who tells you when your jeans are too tight or that perhaps the guy you’re seeing ain’t up to no good. Honesty, pure and simple with a touch of manners and class. That’s E. Jean.

If you’re having a problem with the job hunt, dating, your mother, friends, bikini waxes, whatever…E. Jean is there. Just plug your question into the form provided on her home page, and she’ll respond! The site pulls keywords from your question and matches them up with similar answers she’s provided for women just like us over the years.

Awesome! And no co-pay or COBRA needed!