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Cheap Thrill: The Ped Egg

ped-egg-thumbI admit it. I love to watch awful infomercials and “As Seen on TV” commercials. The one for the Magic Bullet is definitely my favorite. Although, by the end, I want to take the Australian guy out with a boomerang.

Driven by all the televised testimonials, I drove to CVS this morning and purchased a Ped Egg. My perpetually sandaled feet were not loving the tough, scaly skin around their heels and big toes. It was $9.99.

I have to admit: It was darn easy to use and effective! I just worked that sucker around my feet, slathered on some thick foot cream and am now enjoying a resurgence of my pedicure from last week. I think this could definitely be an ongoing money saver.

Pink Pick: Bargains in Buckhead

Check out these “Buckhead Betties Blogging Bargains”. You could even nab a $25 gift card via their exclusive B In B Rewards Program!

Miss Pale Pink Coat: Keeping Up with Little Pleasures

changeOne of the downfalls of our current economy is all the personal cutbacks we’ve had to make. We’ve cut back on our cable subscriptions, stopped having daily Starbucks, etc. Instead of cutting back, how about we find innovative ways to keep up with our little pleasures? Are you with me?

For several years I’ve had a bit of what you could call an iTunes addiction. But at the end of each month when I’d look at my bank statement and see all those transfers to iTunes I would get upset with myself. Did I really need to spend $50 [estimate] on iTunes? Probably not – but for a long time I lived in New York and I had a long commute. Being able to download episodes of “The Office” or “Alias” onto my iPod made my commute go quicker. But I had to find an innovative way to pay for my habits.

Then one day I was at the A&P sorting my change in the Coinstar machine when I saw it – the solution to my iTunes habit. Did you know at certain Coinstar machines [not all, unfortunately] you have the choice to 1. cash out 2. donate your change to charity or 3. GET AN ITUNES GIFT CERTIFICATE. Jackpot!

My normal rate of change gathering usually added up to about $12/week which was a perfect amount to fund my iTunes habit virtually guilt free. Change is money that we forget – don’t you often think of a found quarter here or there within your own house or car as free money? I do – and I’d just found a way to find $48/month, on average.

So what will you download with your change today?

A Lil’ Wardrobe Pick-Me-Up

orangeI needed a little pick me up today, so I headed on over to Old Navy, where I found some of the most colorful additions to a spring/summer wardrobe.

Got a great pair of low-rise, skinny white jeans (“Diva”) for $29.50, two basic white ribbed tank tops for $7.50 each and a fun, teal linen A-line dress that’s perfect for errands around town. I could have picked up so many other things – reasonable bathing suits and cover-ups, brightly colored linen-blend camp shirts, t-shirts for layering, etc. You can’t go wrong. Pictured is the camp shirt in orange for just$19.50. How cute would that be with the white jeans? Love it!

Believe me, I know money’s short, but even a couple of pieces can revive an existing wardrobe! Saves you in the end.

For more on bargain wardrobe additions, visit my friend The Broke Socialite or head over to RecessionWire for their story “Shoes on a Shoestring”!

Spring Got You Itching to Shop?

hm_spring_2009_shopping_shop_times1I know that with Spring’s arrival, I have been climbing the walls wanting to shop for bright, colorful summer dresses, shoes and strappy tops. I am dying to debut a fresh look. I also know that I’ve got no dough.

Soooo…I’m getting creative. Here are five solutions I’m employing this season. I hope they’re helpful.

  1. Find a cheap, but reliable seamstress– I’ve got several quality summer jackets and dresses that just aren’t fitting right (ok–I’ve lost some weight…in my boobs! I mean, c’mon!). Instead of buying new ones, I’m taking them downstairs to the tailor for a little nip and tuck. You could also replace buttons, remove sleeves, create capris, etc. Get creative! Yes, you’re spending money, but not as much as you would buying brand new togs.
  2. Invite a friend or two over for a fashion show – Grab some cheap wine, gather some friends and get a fresh perspective on how you can mix-and-match and restyle what you already have. Who knows–the wine could spark some spunky ideas, and your friends may emerge with one of your cast-offs to give it new life. Recycling at its finest.
  3. Visit discount stores for fun, inexpensive accessoriesH&M, Target, Kohl’s, Wal-Mart, Loehmann’s–all have fun earrings, necklaces, belts and scarves that can make any outfit look completely different.
  4. Invest in one or two clothing items so you feel like you’re injecting a little newness – I’ve got my eye on $29.50 white jeans from Old Navy and am searching for black cigarette pants. If you find any, give me a shout!
  5. Don’t forget your head– Surely, you have a hair cut or trim scheduled sometime soon. New bangs or some layers can do wonders and freshen your whole image. I’ve always said your hair is your best accessory, so pay attention to it. Even if you’re scraping by, look into student nights at five-star salons or visit your local hair school. My UPiC (unemployed partner in crime) went to the local Aveda school and got a fabulous trim for $20! You don’t have to pick up scissors, either. Drag out that curling or straightening iron collecting dust and experiment with some new looks. Got hair elastics, headbands and barrettes lying around? Try figuring out how they can star in your new styles. 

For more great ideas, visit my friend The Broke Socialite.

Also, if you’ve got good suggestions of your own, please share them with us!

(photo: H&M)

Inexpensive Interview Suit from Old Navy

Believe me, I know the last thing you can do is buy a new suit for a job interview. But, sodressmetimes, new togs can be just the lift you need to keep confidently networking and interviewing.

Solution! This adorable suit on (not available in stores) is a clean-lined, cotton twill shift dress plus matching jacket. Comes in black and khaki. The dress is $29.50; jacket is $39.50. It’s basic enough that both pieces can be worn and accessorized in 100 different ways. You will look put together, modern and fresh. Who wouldn’t want to hire you in this? 

Check it out!

Looking for Thrifty Fashion Solutions?

Check out this CNN Living piece about finding cheap, yet sassy clothes at thrift stores, consignment stores and Goodwill. I’ve been known to pick up fun items at all three! If you’re out of work or tightening the belt, this can be a good solution for brightening up your spring wardrobe.

Glamour Subscriptions for $1.50!?!?

Check it out!


Screw Disney World. Target is My Happiest Place on Earth!


Feeling the need for a thrifty injection of excitement into my spring wardrobe, I went to Target this afternoon. I have no money to spend shopping, and shopping’s in no way a means to happiness (yeah, right!). But I got two tops today at $19.99 each that, indeed, made me very happy.

One is bright yellow; the other is grass green. Both will look terrific with jeans and skirts as well as under jackets for work. It was a downright dismal day in Atlanta, but the cheap purchase of color made my day!

There are tons of fun things at Target right now that can help revive everything you already have in your closet.

Miss Broke Socialite, are you proud of me?

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