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Dress for Success – Not Just a Motto; It’s a Mission

DressForSuccessLogoYou know how it feels to psyche yourself up for the big interview. You button up your crisply ironed blouse, put on that sleek lightweight wool interview skirt and jacket fresh from the cleaners, don run-free stockings and slip your feet into polished and shined black pumps. Once you’ve slung a tailored handbag over your shoulder, you’re ready to face the hiring squad head on with confidence, poise and style. There’s no way you can lose!

In the midst of all our unemployment worry, we sometimes forget there are gals on the job hunt who don’t have a dime to their name…much less an appropriate interview ensemble that makes them feel like the superstar candidate they are.

Enter Dress for Success. Their mission says it all: “The professional clothing, employment retention programs and ongoing support that we provide our clients symbolize our faith in every woman’s ability to be self-sufficient and successful in her career.”

I love this group. They want women to not only look great but also to feel confident, allowing their true personalities and talents to shine through during the interview process. What an amazing feeling it must be to send all these incredible ladies out into the world looking sharp, feeling good and ready to nab their dream jobs.

If you’re seeking professional polish and don’t have the adequate resources you need, please visit your local Dress for Success affiliate. If you’re blessed enough to have everything you need for the interview circuit, consider donating something to this worthwhile organization…whether it’s a suit or your time. They love volunteers!

See below for Dress for Success affiliate needs:

  • Interview-appropriate suits and related separates (the greatest need is for items size 14 and up)
  • Solid color blouses
  • Shoes that are suitable for the workplace. Our clients receive brown, black or navy shoes most frequently. Please no heels higher than 3 inches and no open-toed shoes.
  • Unopened hosiery
  • Unused undergarments (Note: Not all locations accept such items; please check with the affiliate closest to you before making this type of donation.)
  • Black tote bags, attaché bags or briefcases
  • Basic professional accessories (including jewelry, scarves, belts and handbags)
  • Unopened cosmetics
  • Coats and outerwear (Note: Not all locations accept such items; please check with the affiliate closest to you before making this type of donation.)

For more questions, please visit:

Volunteer’s Guilt


Forgive me Father for I have sinned.

Confession: Ever since I started back to work, I’ve found myself abandoning my own “call to action”. I have been a volunteer drop-out, and for that, I’m very sorry.

I’m the one person who should be returning thanks by getting my ass out the door and delivering those Project Open Hand meals. Karma was on my side when I landed a job, and now I need to give back.

I plan on recommitting myself soon. I promise. I hope you will consider donating your time to something you care about. Whether you know it or not, people need you.

Do you ever feel volunteer guilt? Am I the only slacker?

Happy Earth Day, Pink Slip Nation!

10 free things the jobless can do to help save the Earth:

  1. If you aren’t interviewing, skip a hair wash. Better yet, if you’re staying in, skip the whole shower and save water! 🙂
  2. Email all resumes, if possible
  3. Use a job search tracker online like instead of filling up various notepads with contact names, random notes, etc.
  4. Turn off the TV and read to escape (something fun–not the latest unemployment numbers)
  5. Leave your car in the garage and take a stress-relieving walk outside
  6. Join your neighborhood clean up crew
  7. Give your laptop a much needed “coffee break” (i.e., turn it off and unplug it when not in use)
  8. Volunteer some free time to an environmental organization or charity
  9. Hook up with your neighborhood community garden. You could come away with some awesome tomatoes or squash in the process
  10. Search for a Green Job:

Got any other ideas? Send them my way!

On Today’s NPR “Morning Edition”: Sacramento Tent City

tent_promoI woke up to an important NPR story about the economy and Sacramento’s growing homeless population. I immediately wanted to post it for you.

I include it not to depress you, but to remind you you’re lucky and loved. As I’ve said before, if you’re reading this, you probably have access to a computer and a home. These people are living in tents. So if you’re feeling blue today, remember them. Things could always be worse.  

Apologies for beating the dead horse, but if you’re feeling helpless, please find a way to spend a couple of hours a week helping others who need it most. I promise your spirit will lift, and the beneficiaries will be grateful.


Miss Pale Pink Coat Posts Again

Volunteer Your Way Into A New Job:

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Thirty Website To Visit When You Are Laid Off:

Thank you, Miss Pale Pink Coat!

My Volunteer Vantage Point

I was serious the other day when I made my plea for volunteering while you’re laid-off. It’s the most productive thing you can do outside of looking for work.
Below are a few additional Web sites for finding your ideal volunteer opportunity. Choose a project, devote the time and forget about your troubles for a while. Remember: what comes around goes around.
Miss Pink Slip

Get Off Your Ass and Do Something for Someone Else

If you are laid-off, jobless, etc., you need to take some of your free time to volunteer. It puts things in perspective like nothing else can.

You cannot possibly feel sorry for yourself if you get out and do something for someone else who’s got it worse than you. This morning, a friend and I delivered meals for Atlanta’s Project Open Hand. It was the best Valentine’s Day gift we could have given ourselves.

People were so happy to see us driving up their driveway or knocking on their door, and we all wished each other a very “Happy Valentine’s Day”. One sassy senior was all decked out in red waiting for her son and daughter-in-law to take her to dinner. She was jubilant, and it was downright infectious. Perspective is everything.

Happy Valentine’s Day!