Sanity Without Salary

Psych meds and shrink visits are pretty darn expensive on COBRA. Believe me, I know. Here you’ll find sites for curing stress and other things that ail you during unemployment.

How to Get a Grip on Stress, Self Magazine –

How to Worry Less, Real Simple

The Pursuit of Happiness, Psychology Today

What You Can Learn When You Start Fearing Change, Redbook –

When Stress Keeps You Up at Night, Cosmopolitan

3 responses to “Sanity Without Salary

  1. Great advice in these articles. When I work with my clients I help them identify a handful of strategies to reduce stress while looking for work. I especially liked Gayle Banke’s “brain trust” idea. I have used that for business incubation and marketing. It really is a good way to get the juices flowing about career possibilities. Thank you for the resources. I’ll pas them along.

  2. I will certainly be back.

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