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Dyeing for a Treat? Don’t Dismiss Guilty Pleasures

In the February issue of Town & Country, Bernie Madoff victim and former Self Magazine Editor-in-Chief Alexandra Penney discusses her upcoming book, The Bag Lady Papers: The Priceless Experience of Losing It All. Essentially, one day she was wealthy; the next, she was flat broke. She had to completely alter her existence and way of living. She made lists of things she could do without and things she had to keep. One thing she deemed necessary: her colorist.

Me too, sister! Even when I was unemployed, even as I try to save money today, I don’t know what I would do without my hair stylist and colorist Rick. In fact, I have an appointment today, and wild horses couldn’t keep me away. For God’s sake, I had to reschedule it from last week and tears pretty much accompanied the call to the salon. This may sound superficial and frivolous, but good hair makes me feel good. When my locks are scraggly and my roots look like Madonna’s, I can barely look in the mirror. Give me one afternoon with Rick? I’m a new person.

Moral of the story:  Try to keep at least one treat for yourself, even if you’re struggling financially. It could be anything from a piece of Godiva chocolate to new running shoes to a pair of earrings. For me — and Alexandra — it’s hair color. These little extravagances keep us feeling human, and for that, I don’t feel guilty at all.