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Who Else Needs to Read 10-10-10? Mr. Hilton, That’s Who

perezlawCeleblogger, penis artist and online  bully Perez Hilton has filed a civil lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Polo Molina, the road manager of the band Black Eyed Peas. Is it really worth the extra publicity, Perez, for people to have even more reasons to think you’re a jackass? First, Miss California and now this?

Get thee a copy of 10-10-10-, Perez. Every decision has consequences, and I think Suzy Welch can help you.

PS: This is one guy who actually should be unemployed. I really don’t like being a hater, but I truly hate bullies.

Perez Gets Punched. Is This a Case of What Comes Around Goes Around?

It’s about time.

I’m sickly addicted to checking Perez Hilton, and I know many of y’all are, too. But, I abhor his attacks and rants against people, no matter how much they may deserve it. I find him cruel, and I’ve been wondering when karma would kick him in the ass.

Well, it looks like the Black Eyed Peas’ manager Polo Molina has done just that. I’m not going to regurgitate the whole storys-MUCHMUSIC-VIDEO-AWARDS-large, but there’s a lesson to be learned.

Perez has flaunted his success (gained by dubious “means”, and I do mean “means”) gratuitously, and I think this is just the first instance of what could be a series of what comes around goes arounds. People are sick of his crap.

In hard times, people are desperate to make a buck and land that job of jobs, but remember who you are and where you came from. When you succeed by stepping on other people en route to the top, people will eventually see you for what you are, and you’ll come tumbling down.

So keep your wits about you during this recession or your job search. It’s not worth it to be ruthless in your pursuit.

Speidi–are you paying attention?

Photo: AP