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Attn. Atlanta Unemployed: Networking Happy Hour This Thursday

Super-networker Jenny Jeansonne is hosting a Networking Happy Hour this Thursday, October 22 at Lenox Square Grill (was The Clubhouse).

She’s already invited over 100 recruiters. It’s Free Parking. Free to Attend. Free Appetizers too!
Atlanta still has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Jenny is trying to help as many unemployed people as possible so they may have jobs by the holidays and really have something to celebrate.
Jenny posts jobs daily at http://atlantajobleads.wordpress.com – all industries, all careers levels.
If your company is hiring (or if you know of a company hiring),  please let her know and she’ll post it for free.

I Vanna Be Ivanka

trumpWell, not really, but I think she’s rather interesting.

It would be easy to hate Ivanka Trump. She’s drop-dead gorgeous, has a degree from Wharton and one of the richest (yet most annoying) fathers in America. She could easily be yet another Paris Hilton or Casey Johnson, leaping from banquette to bedroom and adopting random toy pets, but she has escaped that route and is actually contributing something positive to society as a vice president of the Trump Organization.

Ivanka released a book today titled, aptly, “The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life”, and according to the publisher, it “shares the life lessons and hard-won insights that have made her a rising star in the business world.”

Now, many of you are probably saying to yourself : “Duh, she’s a Trump. What does she know about hard work?”

I have not read the book, but Ivanka seems to have a strong head on her shoulders. You’ve never seen her plastered all over Page Six, she works hard for her money (apologies to Donna Summer) and based on her “Good Morning America” interview this morning, she is classy and articulate. And no matter how God-awful I find her dad, he has always ensured his kids are well-mannered, engaged in the world and know the value of a hard day’s work.

This title is geared specifically to young women, and if you’re in that entry-to-mid level career category or are searching for your first job, I’ll bet she has some good things to say to you. Check out “The Trump Card” at your local library.

Ivanka’s scheduled to be on ABC’s “Nightline” tonight at 11:35 p.m. ET.

Click below for more information and an excerpt:


Looking for a New Career? Seems Hair and Makeup Is Where It’s At!

jessica_simpsonPage Six in the NY Post (ahhh–one of my favorite guilty pleasures) reported today that Jessica Simpson is having VH1 fork out $25,000 per episode to have hair and makeup done for her new reality show, “The Price of Beauty”.  Shoot, if it cost me that much to be presentable, I’d be downright depressed!

So if you’re seeking for a new career direction, it looks like you might want to head on over to your local beauty school. These beauty folks in the entertainment industry obviously have a lot of earning potential.

I’m in PR, and when we work with celebrities, we often hire hair and makeup artists. I see what they make. Each time I ink my name on a $5,000 invoice for a day’s work, it makes me wish I’d considered my career path a little differently. 

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not all glamorous. Glamorous-sounding jobs rarely are. It’s hard work, long days and you can deal with some testy personalities, but still. $25,000? Per episode? Wow.



Think You’ve Exhausted Your Job Search? Get a New Perspective

My UPiC (Unemployed Partner-in-Crime) Shelley continues her search for work with her head held high and her goals in check. But after feeling like she’s exhausted every contact, every lead, every meet up and every friend- of-a-friend, she is working to freshen her job hunt with new strategies.

What’s her secret?

Get a new perspective!

Although a meeting planner by trade, Shelley met last night with a PR professional – someone completely outside her field – who was able to read her resume with a fresh eye, provide some new contacts and look into industries she may never have considered. She emerged feeling rejuvenated and is now ready to start today on a new path.

Fresh perspectives are critical. I have an old boss who insisted on interviewing people outside our industry because of their different experiences, likes and dislikes, hobbies, etc. So don’t just limit your contacts to people in your field. Seek people outside your job parameters who have different backgrounds and outlooks. 

For example, don’t turn down a meeting with someone in engineering if you’re in accounting. You never know what might transpire: There may be an opening in the accounting department in their firm, they may know someone in your field from their church, a client may have a position available, his dad could be hiring, you never know.

A different, fresh perspective can be your key to success.

Let me know if this works for you!

MPS Newsstand: US News & World Report May 2009

Get thee to a newsstand before this issue exits the racks! I picked it up at the airport — wish I’d seen it sooner!

The May 2009 issue is themed “Jobs for the Future” and is chock full of information for all of yousnewscover_CV_20090421210341u, whether you’re jobless, strugging, questioning and/or seeking a new path.

Brian Kelly’s editor’s note focuses on “career audit[s]”, pointing out the hidden value of a recession — that is, this is a great time to reevaluate your work life and where it’s going.

Articles include:

  • How to Win the New Job Game
  • Choosing the Career Path Less Traveled
  • This Year’s Best Careers
  • Smart Way to Give Your Career a Boost
  • Obama’s Green Light for Green Jobs
  • Win at Work
  • Making a Living as a Professional Blogger
  • Relocating
  • Landing a Job After 50
  • Social Networking
  • Online Education and Grad Programs
  • Strategies for Saving Money
  • Status of B-Schools, Law Schools and Med Schools

There is really something in here for everyone. Some of the content may be things you’ve heard before, but I still think it’s the best $4.99 you’ll spend this week!

Get Personal: Behind That LinkedIn Profile Is a Human Being, You Know


Love Susan Bernstein’s post (click link above) based on the best career advice she ever got: “Stop looking for a job. Start looking to meet people.”

Sometimes when we’re networking, we tend to forget that these “contacts” we’re pursuing are real people with real interests, real backgrounds, real challenges and real lives. They’re not just names and email addresses in an Outlook file waiting to receive a boring form letter from you addressing your job search and the desire for them to review your resume and “feel free to contact [me] with any questions.” 


Meet these folks face-to-face, talk to them on the phone, show them your personality and demonstrate your talents. See what YOU can do for THEM instead of what they can do for you. Dazzle ’em. You can refrain from the jazz hands, but they will never know how incredible you are until you build actual relationships with them.

I met so many new people during my job search, and I’m keeping in touch with almost all of them. Throughout conversations, coffees, lunches, etc., we’ve developed symbiotic friendships, and now, they know I place more value on them as people than as business cards. It’s time to get personal: You never know where these relationships will lead.

Reader’s Digest Spouts Some Sage Advice

Reader’s Digest‘s March issue boasts a great feature on “What to Do When You Lose Your Job”. The Losing a Job section covers warning signs and ways to rethink your career. Finding a Job offers practical tips for all aspects of a job search.