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MPS Newsstand: Atlanta Magazine May 2009


The Good:

  • Bill Addison’s cover story “Eat Cheap!” – what more could we broke folks want? Even if you’re jobless, you still need to eat…once in a while, somewhere outside your home among the living. Addison offers metro Atlanta “bargain bites” you can afford.  My favorite spots include Souper Jenny (grilled cheese night!), MetroFresh(love the Mitchilli), George’s burgers, everything at Carver’s Country Kitchen  (get there before 11:30 a.m. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)
  • Charles at Large’s Agenda column on make-out spots in Atlanta. Good news! Most of them are cheap (Starlight Six Drive-in) or downright free (Dusty’s Barbecue parking lot on Briarcliff). Making out – cheap and easy? Oh, that’s just too good
  • Recession Obsession on pg. 32 – some interesting Bible verses interpreting lending and loved ones
  • Focus on Lila, pg. 44 – cute new shop in Inman Park with affordable accessories and fun, flirty frocks
  • Kamal Grant’s doughnut shop called Sublime Doughnuts, pg. 58 – cheap treat; can’t wait to go!

The Bad:

  • Cold-Hearted Cure – How hypothermia can save your life, pg. 28 – frankly, who cares???
  • Are Atlanta’s Streets Really Becoming More Dangerous? pg. 40 – just makes me nervous to go to my car at night
  • Review of BLT Steak, pp. 50-55 – who in the hell can afford to go?

The Ugly:

  • Deep Freeze, one woman’s story about freezing eggs to stop the biological clock, pp. 76-80, 88-91 – can I say depressed? In this issue, all I want to know about eggs is where to get a good three-egg omelet for pennies. Even more, Miss Pink Slip’s 35th birthday is coming up, I’m single and this is the last thing I want to think about. I realize this is personal, but hey! It’s my blog 

The Verdict: Four Pink Slips – the food guide alone is worth the purchase price!