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Miss Pink Slip is Blue: My 10-Step Program for Recovery

MPS is experiencing a little bit o’ heartbreak today, so I’m digging into my archives to find some advice that could apply to what I’m feeling. Because getting laid off is a heartbreak of its own, isn’t it?

After perusing my posts, I found the following two. I think they’re perfect for the sadness I’m experiencing. None of them includes a tissue or lavender eye-mask…I think. I hope they help you, too. No matter what ails you!

7 Things to Do When You’re Angry

Revisit Your Inner Kid

So, based on the advice, here’s my game plan for the week:

  1. Run that pissed-off feeling out of my body (well, maybe tomorrow)
  2. Hug my dog-daughter and play ball with her (Miss SJB, I’m on my way home!)
  3. Drink some (cheap) wine with my UPiC
  4. Watch a really cheesy movie or Sunday night’s episode of “Drop Dead Diva“. If you haven’t seen this new show and its star Brooke Elliott, both are precious and uplifting
  5. Read another chapter of the new “smart girl’s beach book” I bought at the Strand in NYC, Commencement
  6. Re-read portions of Gigi Levangie Grazer’s awesome new novel, Queen Takes King. Basically, it’s about a woman who kicks ass. Love it. BTW–Gigi is my idol
  7. Maybe go see “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”for the umpteenth time, but this time at the Fox Theater…with a pre-show wine tasting. Some may consider Holly Golightly a cliche heroine, but her trip to the Five-and-Dime with George Peppard’s “Fred” is enough to lift anyone’s spirits
  8. Check in with the ladies over at E. Jean Carroll’s Advice Vixens. Those gals will whip me into shape fast. E. Jean: Honey, if ever there was a time I needed you!
  9. Lie out by the pool this Saturday and recapture that glow I’m missing
  10. Dive into the pile of magazines I got in the mail over the weekend. Allure, O, Elle, Self, Cosmo—girls, I hope you’ve got something good for me!

Am I missing a step? What do you do to heal a bruised heart?