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Unemployed and Need a Step Up? Surround Yourself with a “Dream Team”

Ever since Michael Jackson died – and oodles of times before that, people have ruminated over the fact that he surrounded himself with shady people who were only out for themselves and Michael’s money (well, maybe Bubbles the Chimp or the odd llama) and could have cared less about the King of Pop’s well-being.

I was thinking about that this morning in the context of unemployment. I’ve said before that one thing we can learn from celebrities is how to assemble a team around you that is there for genuine support and assistance:

“Just like celebs have publicists, agents, managers, stylists, life coaches, etc., you should take their lead and put together your own support team. Call on friends who are great at networking, self-promotion, organization, brainstorming and image. Most importantly, enlist spiritual friends and others you can lean on psychologically and emotionally.”

Take a look around. Who’s there for you? Do you trust them? Do they have your best interests at heart? Are they authentic friends? If you’ve been looking for work or are dealing with other life challenges, you need the smartest, most positive, caring people surrounding you. The others are just wastes of time.

If I could assemble my all-pro “dream team”, who would it be?

  • God – Duh.
  • Dolly Parton – this star of stage and screen came from nuttin’ and has always remembered her roots. Ironically, she’s the picture of “authenticity” for me, and I can’t imagine anyone more encouraging and supportive. She keeps it real
  • Jack and Suzy Welch – say what you will about how they got together, but they’re wildly successful for a reason and seem to be nice people. Plus, can you imagine the business plan they’d put together for you?
  • Joel Osteen – OK. You probably just cringed. In fact, I felt it. But, this guy makes me feel good. Yes, I have watched many of his sermons on television, and just as I’m about to turn the channel to avoid the glare of his gleaming white teeth, he says something that comforts me and calms my pulse
  • E. Jean Carroll – Again, she’s my hero. No-nonsense, yet classy and sisterly. She gives a sh*t about her fellow woman and always looks fabulous while dishing out the most valued advice found in the pages of a magazine

Who would be on your dream team?

From the MPS archives:

Mindless Movie Monday: 9 to 5

nine_to_fiveIf there is ever a time to watch the 1980 classic workplace comedy “9 to 5”, it’s now. It’s not mindless, but you will laugh your butt off. Do I need to say more than Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda? I should hope not.

Essentially, these three overworked, underpaid and sexually harassed secretaries decide to grab life by the balls and kidnap their “sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot” boss (impeccably played by Dabney Coleman), setting in motion a grand scheme to not only give their boss the proverbial finger but also to right the wrongs they’ve been enduring at their company, Consolidated. Along the way, they smoke some weed, find new uses for rat poison and master the art of leather, dog chains and padlocks.

This was “Office Space” before “Office Space” was cool.  Dolly also just launched the musical adaptation on Broadway at the Marquis Theater!

12 noon ET, AMC