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GUEST BLOGGER: Ken Herron Shows and Tells – Create an Online Portfolio to Help You Get Your Next Job

You have a resume.  Your competitor has a resume.  So how can you show your unique background, skills and experience to maximize your online presence and shorten your job search?   Create an online portfolio.  Beef up your existing LinkedIn profile, and create additional online resumes with VisualCV (I practice what I preach, see: http://visualcv.com/kenherron).  You can only have one profile on LinkedIn, but you can have multiple VisualCVs.  

 Here are five things you should include in your online portfolio to stand out in front of recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers.    

#1 Your Book on Amazon  For those of us who have not (yet!) written our first book, we have likely written an article, demonstrating both our expertise and our writing skills.  If not, and if you do not yet have your own Web site or blog, self-publish your document on Slideshare.  

#2 Your Recommendations  Third parties can always tout our talents more aggressively, and more credibly, than we can ourselves.  LinkedIn has an excellent recommendation tool, and you should pursue specific recommendations from recent executives, supervisors, peers, subordinates, customers and industry leaders. You can also cite relevant recommendations in your thank you notes to interviewers to reinforce why you are the best candidate for a position.  

#3 Your Work Samples  Show off the best public domain (i.e., non-proprietary) samples of your work. For team-based work, be sure to articulate your specific contributions.  This isn’t just for marketing folks who have produced sales collateral.  Top technical executive recruiter Marsh Sutherland says software engineers should showcase samples of their best coding for download and review.  Don’t forget to include any work which has won awards!  

#4 Your Press Clippings  If you have been interviewed by, or quoted in the media as an expert in your field, be sure to include it.  If not, sign up today on Help a Reporter Out to identify opportunities to share your knowledge with a reporter on deadline who is seeking someone with your exact expertise.  

#5 You, Speaking Publicly  The golden ticket is an online video of you presenting to a roaring crowd (regardless of size).  If you do not already have this, present yourself as a confident, competent public speaker in your field by seeking out an appropriate local organization, and ask to speak at one of their upcoming meetings.  Have a friend video you – be sure to practice first, you don’t want an unexpected technical glitch to keep your brilliance from the world!  If you don’t yet have the skills to effectively speak in front of a live audience, sign up today for your local Toastmasters. Finally, if just the thought of public speaking terrifies you, upload a PowerPoint presentation to Slideshare to show your ability to clearly communicate your ideas. Use the audio feature to add your own voice to your presentation.  

Be remarkable.  Be different.  And think outside your resume!    

An award-winning global marketer, Ken Herron lives in Boston as he networks, online and offline, to find his next job.

MPS Newsstand: Fortune April 2009 (FOUR PINK SLIPS)


As I was scanning the racks of a LaGuardia airport newsstand this afternoon, my arms were filled with trash (i.e., USfortune_20090413_150 Weekly, Star, NY Post, etc.). However, my eyes immediately caught the headline on the cover of April’s Fortune Magazine: How to Find a Job. 

It is a treasure trove of articles on finding work! Here are some sample story titles:

There’s so much more! Visit Fortune‘s Web site for additional features and links to other useful resources.

I haven’t even read the actual magazine (only had so much cash, and my hands were full. Girl’s gotta have priorities when her flight’s been delayed, it’s hot as hell in the airport and she’s got a beer waiting), but I’m going to go ahead and give it Four Pink Slips!