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MPS Newsstand: Atlanta Magazine June 2009

The 06June09Good

  • The cover – It’s all about jobs, baby!
  • From the Editor – a kind reminder that this rough economic time, too, shall pass
  • Story on Andy from “The Office”, pp. 19-20. Did you know he’s from Atlanta? The actor, not Andy. That guy makes me laugh my ass off.
  • The Jobs section – pp. 55 -65. Everything from how to find a job to networking to top growing area industries to higher ed, psychology and unemployment 101. It addresses how to keep the job you have, too.
  • Entrepreneurs “Come in We’re Open”, pp. 70 – 85

The Bad

  • Review of Restaurant Eugene. The restaurant is apparently incredible. But couldn’t you review it in an issue that’s not all about jobs and people having no money? It’s not like we can afford to go. 🙂 But we want to!
  • Same with the cocktail story on pp. 46-47. I’m out to find a deal on Bud Light, not what ridiculously expensive drink I can get at the W.
  • Gorgeous home features. I’m jealous.

The Ugly

  • News that Atlanta is the 10th most “unhappy” major U.S. city (even BEFORE the recession). Isn’t that like kicking us while we’re down?

The Verdict: Four Pink Slips. Great stories and useful, applicable information on jobs and the recession. Well worth the purchase.

MPS Newsstand: Fortune April 2009 (FOUR PINK SLIPS)


As I was scanning the racks of a LaGuardia airport newsstand this afternoon, my arms were filled with trash (i.e., USfortune_20090413_150 Weekly, Star, NY Post, etc.). However, my eyes immediately caught the headline on the cover of April’s Fortune Magazine: How to Find a Job. 

It is a treasure trove of articles on finding work! Here are some sample story titles:

There’s so much more! Visit Fortune‘s Web site for additional features and links to other useful resources.

I haven’t even read the actual magazine (only had so much cash, and my hands were full. Girl’s gotta have priorities when her flight’s been delayed, it’s hot as hell in the airport and she’s got a beer waiting), but I’m going to go ahead and give it Four Pink Slips!