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Snowmaggedon 2010 Got You Down? Take a Snow Day, Job Seekers!


Is anyone working on the East Coast?

Has the Snowpocalypse put a halt to your job search? Or are you still digging in, networking and interviewing? I say give yourself an excuse to take a break. Take a snow day, watch movies in your pajamas, drink hot chocolate and cuddle on the couch with your dog and a blanket. Give yourself permission to be worthless. Job hunters deserve a day off, too!

If, however, you’re continuing the search, tell me how you’re making progress in the midst of this blizzard. How are you being productive?

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Why the Weekend Matters

I’m ready for 5 o’ clock. In fact, I’m counting exactly 15 min. until that golden hour. It’s not like I’ve had a stressful week or anything (even though I did turn 35 yesterday); I’m just ready to leap into that magic wardrobe that’s called the weekend.

Even when I was unemployed, I treated the weekend like it was an actual working person’s weekend. Granted, I did do some job searching, research, etc. on Saturdays and Sundays, but mostly, I behaved like I did when I was gainfully employed. That means having cheap wine with the girls, watching Lifetime for hours and taking walks with my canine BFF. These actions may sound superficial, but for my psyche and spirit, they were necessary. I actually felt alive rather than a depressed human database of job listings.

So, if you’re unemployed and on the job hunt, please try to take some time to decompress and join the living out there this weekend. Hopefully, there’s some sunshine to soak in and a $2 beer to drink.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It…Does It Make Miss Pink Slip a Fraud?

disguiseI’m not one to support “fakery”, but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

No, I’m not lurking in the halls of my new job in a brunette page boy wig, trenchcoat and horn-rimmed glasses with bulbous fake nose attached. But, I definitely feel like I’m playing investigator. Each, day, I’m gaining so much information and growing intimidated by the depth of knowledge displayed by my co-workers. I’m wondering what the hell made them hire me and, at the same time, show them that whatever it was, it was a good idea. What do I know from previous jobs that I can apply to this one; what don’t I know that I need to learn? I kind of feel like a fraud. And I probably will until I’m there at least six months.

This is a normal feeling when you’re new on the job, and it is certainly a feeling you encounter during the job search: Is my resume up to snuff? Do I really know the things my resume says I do? Do I know the right people? Is that jargon I used the right industry jargon, or did I just sound like a jackass? Is my slip showing? Why in the world did I wear pantyhose? It’s soooo 1990.

Well, shake it off, girl. Even the most successful men and women have felt like frauds at one time or another. And here’s a little secret: most people “fake it ’til they make it”. There’s nothing wrong with it! All it is is nudging yourself into a “can-do” mindset that can help you successfully navigate the choppy waters of a new job or interview. It’s like a mama bird pushing a baby bird out of the nest to fly. Except you’re the mama…and the baby. 

Now, I am NOT telling you to be untrue to yourself and inauthentic. Please be the wonderful person you are. Just boast a little confidence that you might possibly have to generate inorganically.

Below are five of my favorite “fake it ’til you make it” tips:

  1. Smile! The act of turning up your mouth corners can bring about positive vibes all by itself
  2. Ask questions. Even if you think they’re stupid. You’ll sound interested and engaged and end up gaining much more knowledge than you ever set out to uncover. It could also help endear you to someone important in the process
  3. Dress your best. Sounds superficial, doesn’t it? Well, when you look good, you just have one less thing to worry about. If you’re in your sassiest dress and heels, hold your shoulders back and (see above) smile, you knock down all sorts of barriers and allow your true self to shine through
  4. Read, watch and listen. Read anything you can get your hands on that’s relevant to the position or company. Watch related news programs and talk shows. Listen to people in your network that have knowledge of the company. Talk to as many of them as you can. If you’re new on the job, keep your ears open at all times. You never know what you’ll pick up from other conversations
  5. Go to the ladies’ room. No, I’m not kidding. If you’re feeling nervous and uneasy, excuse yourself to the nearest restroom, head into the stall and take a couple of deep breaths. Repeat your mantras, and by all means, go if you need to go! Once you realize everything is in its right place, you can return to your desk, the office lobby, the interview setting, whatever, and put your best foot forward. It’s like pressing the refresh or reset button on your computer.

What are your favorite “fakery” tricks?

Miss Pale Pink Coat Offers LinkedIn Advice Exclusively for MPS Readers

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile For A Job Search from lisaann dupont on Vimeo.

Miss Pale Pink Coat has created a special video lesson on LinkedIn JUST FOR YOU Miss Pink Slip readers. It’s all about how to best optimize your profile for the big job hunt. She’s got some great tips.

If you like the video and would like Miss Pale Pink Coat’s advice on other topics, let me know! She’s the best.