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Pink Pick: Rock Unemployment!

Get your job-seeking booty on over to Rock Unemployment and visit with my friend Melanie.

RU_headerShe’s a marketing guru and has established a site for resume writing, portfolio design and job search strategies for “creative folks”. Read her blog, subscribe to her daily job search tips and see what she recommends for “cheap fun”.  Like me, Melanie just wants to inject a little fun into this drudgery we call job hunting.

Melanie also sent me her three favorite ways to re-energize your job search after you’ve exhausted everything else:

1. Offer to help others – Can you put your talents to use, to help out a friend? It’ll keep your skills from getting rusty, and you could get referrals for side jobs or even full-time positions.

2. Consider similar positions in different industries – Have you looked outside your field for jobs like yours? You may have developed highly specialized skills in one area, but also have easily transferable abilities (such as office management, filing, word processing or marketing). Check other industries and job titles to see if you match what they’re looking for.

3. Ask friends for recommendations – Using the theory of “six degrees of separation,” ask friends and family to recommend one person they know who might put you a step closer to the job you’re seeking. Then ask that person. Then the next… You’ll often find that it only takes a few steps before you’ve made a great new connection.

Thanks, Melanie! You Rock!

Let’s Unleash the Experts: Gary Spinell Found Job Search Success With Two Key Tips

Thanks for this real-life perspective, Gary. Great ideas for any job search bag of tricks!

  1. Research and fully experience the company’s brand and product – Once, before Gary interviewed with a company, he ordered its product online. Why? This allowed him to examine if their Web site was easy to navigate, eye-catching, and then, if their delivery was speedy. This provided him all sorts of informed fodder for his interview conversation. He mentioned these details to the interviewer who was greatly impressed that he had thoroughly examined all aspects of their business
  2. Never ask someone if they know of a job opening – Whenever networking, Gary never asked anyone if they knew of a job opening. Is this surprising to you? Well, it worked for him. He asked if they could give him two names of people he could talk to. Also, he asked if they knew people not necessarily at the company he was interested in. He asked if they knew people at search firms, audit firms, banks (his background is finance), as well as chamber of commerce and volunteer organizations.

According to Gary, “All of these efforts worked for me.” Try one for yourself!

Gary Spinell

Let’s Unleash the Experts: 7 Tried-and-True Networking Tips from President and CEO of Executives Network

Molly Wendell – President and CEO of Executives Network – was one of us, so she definitely knows how it feels to be scrambling for work and what it takes to get back into the game.

Some scoop from her peeps: “Molly was once out of work for two years and three days—until she finally figured out networking was the key to landing a job. She gave the popular job boards a pink slip—and then put her own job search ideas to work. The result? Molly had nearly 30 job offers in 90 days! Since then, Molly has since helped more than 2,500 people land jobs.” This gal obviously knows something.

Molly Wendell’s 7 Tips for Landing a Job in 2009
1.  FIRE the job boards. Stop wasting time sitting behind the computer—it’s highly inefficient
2.  Get out and meet people—network, network, network
3.  Be proactive (not reactive)
4.  Be specific and terrific
5.  Make a great first (and lasting) impression
6.  Tap into “the strength of the weak.” Those you know the least tend to provide the strongest contacts
7.  Stay positive and motivated

Read more here: http://tinyurl.com/qv52v5

PS: I employed almost all of these networking tips during the course of my job search…and they work! However, I wish I’d thought about #6. That’s a good one to keep in mind. Thanks so much for telling us your secrets, Molly!

Let’s Unleash the Experts: 5 Job Search Tips from Career Consultant Randall Craig

I love getting expert advice. Sometimes I’ve heard a bit of it before, but usually, there’s a new, important nugget. Check out these five terrific tips from Canadian career guru Randall Craig, the author of the three career planning books, including Personal Balance Sheet.  He runs the consulting firm Pinetree Advisors and has been all over Canadian media, so he knows what he’s talking about. I particularly like #3–we should always remember “quality over quantity”.

Take it away, Randall!

1) Get more from what you have:  Add value to your network by sending magazine clippings, web links, or other materials to them, without asking for anything in return.  This concept – making deposits into your network “bank” – allows you to make withdrawals later 

2) Be the host:  Instead of thinking like a “guest” at a networking event, pretend that you are the host, responsible for everyone’s well-being.  Introduce people to each other, as the “real” host if there is something that you can help with, and seek out those who are standing by themselves.

3) Core ten:  Too often we focus on “supersizing” the number of contacts we have, instead of “supersizing” the quality of the relationships themselves.  Determine the ten most strategic network connections you have, and begin the work to strengthen these relationships. 

4) Social Network Risks:  While the conventional wisdom is to use social networks (such as LinkedIn, Plaxo, Twitter, and even Facebook and MySpace) to “search” for jobs, too often our listings can lead to disqualification instead.  Make sure that unprofessional comments and embarrassing pictures are completely expunged.  Put yourself in the shoes of a recruiter or hiring manager – would they want to meet with you after seeing your profile?

5) Social Networking Marketing:  The key benefit of social networks is that they provide visibility to your contact’s connections.  Look through these connections, and then ask YOUR contacts to help set up a real-world meeting with specific people that you target.

Flood of Job Search Tips Coming!

Hey, Pink Slippers (and those who think they are on the verge of joining the legions):

I have been collecting some good, unique job search tips to share with you soon. I think you’ll find they’re much different from what all those standard job sites are telling you.