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Dear MPS: Should I Bite The Hand That Fed Me a Pink Slip?

A reader needs YOUR help! Please weigh in on her dilemma.

Dear Miss Pink Slip,

Now they want me back???

It’s been about three months since I was laid off. From hearing the words “we’re cutting back, and we won’t be able to afford your salary” to the roller coaster of emotions that followed, it’s been one of the most difficult experiences of my life. First, I wondered, “why me? Do they value me less than my colleagues?” Then, I began scanning the job sites religiously, looking for something…anything was better than scrapping by on a measly unemployment check that doesn’t even cover the mortgage. After three months of relentless job searching and networking, I’ve scored a couple interviews, but still no full-time gig. I’ve felt sad, depressed, anxious, nervous, helpless and finally, after a few months of going through all the emotions, I’ve come to a place where I’m actually…should I really say it…happy!

I’ve learned to enjoy the small things again, like cooking, organizing my closet, watching “Oprah”, working out, spending time with my family, actually getting a good night sleep — all the things I was constantly trying to fit into my schedule to no avail when I had a full-time job. I’ve also had time to do some soul searching and realized I was really unhappy. My former boss was, well…in three words, “Devil Wears Prada”. I worked crazy hours and I felt unappreciated. I was burned out, to say the least.

I’ve finally come to a place where I’m thankful I was laid off. I’ve been doing freelance work and even considering starting my own business. Then, today, I get a phone call from my former boss: 

“How are you? We miss you around here! It’s not the same without you.” Blah, blah, blah. This is what your previous employer is supposed to say, right? And of course it feels good to be missed since you wonder if they even thought twice about laying you off. Then she dropped the bomb: “We’d love for you to come back and help us. Can you work on a part-time basis?”

Now I’m stuck between continuing to collect my unemployment check while searching for a job I actually like, doing some freelance work and seeing if I can develop that into a business, or returning to a job I hate because, to put it bluntly, I need the $$. I mean, it’s part-time, so I could continue to do some freelance work, right? But, after three months, I’m actually happy. Do I put up with the emotional turmoil and drama that comes along with the job for the paycheck? Then, of course, there’s the question: does part-time really mean part-time or will it turn into full-time with part-time pay? If that happened, I’d have to put my foot down and possibly quit, which would mean I’m not eligible for unemployment benefits. It’s like the boyfriend you know you shouldn’t go back to, but the sex is so good.

I’m torn. Any advice would be much appreciated.

NEW FEATURE: Miss Pink Slip Scoop – Advice from the Frontlines of the Job Search

Because I finally got employed (by the grace of God!), I want to share my luck, give back and make sure you guys are getting the latest, most creative job search advice from the folks out there on the frontlines. So, I’m peering outside my little world and playing archaeologist to glean unique tips that are actually different from the spiel the regular job sites, HR message boards, etc. are telling you. After all, why would you be coming here to hang out with me if I was dishing out the same old poo?

First up, some spot-on advice from San Francisco’s Julie Greenberg, co-founder of JobNob.com.
Her tip? Volunteer your efforts for a start up.

“We just had a networking event in SF for something new that job seekers can do,” said Julie. “We were matching up job seekers who are willing to work for free for cash-strapped start ups www.jobnob.com/happy-hour.  Job seekers can network and keep their resumes current, and if the start ups get funding, there’s always the chance of paid work.  We had over 300 attend the event and a line out the door!  And we’ve had requests to do this event in several other cities (which we are considering).”

I hope they’re coming to Atlanta! Check out their news coverage:

NBC News: Will Work for …… Free  http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/business/Will_Work_for_____Free_Bay_Area.html

ABC News: People Stand in Line to Work for Free http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/story?section=news/business&id=6802255

Julie helped launched Jobnob (www.jobnob.com), where you can look at over a jobnob_logomillion individual salaries at various companies by position. For the first time, you have free access to specific salary information. Most other salary sites disclose averages at best, which isn’t really that helpful.  Jobnob gives you detailed information by company. Check ’em out! This service is way useful.

**Something interesting I found out about Julie on Jobnob.com: She once spent a summer picking mangos on a kibbutz in Israel. Lesson: Don’t be afraid to be bold and random! You might end up with a kick-ass Web site and need some fun bio material. 🙂

Thanks so much, Julie!

Miss Pink Slip

Pink Pick: Tory Johnson on ABCNews.com


You’ve probably seen Tory Johnson on one of her many “Good Morning America” appearances. If you have, you know that she is THE resource for women and work.

On her full, vibrant site, Tory features archived segments, links to the best job sites, how-tos and what-not-to-dos, social networking tips, etc. etc. etc. She is the woman! If you get a pink slip, this should be your #1 stop.