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Three Tips for Dreaming Big: Kelly Ripa Proves You NEVER Know Where Your Current Job Will Lead

Kelly Ripa is pretty much today’s Queen-of-the-Universe. She trades barbs and laughs with “Rege”DPUSAGroupPromo as part of a coveted regular spot on “Live! with Regis and Kelly“, she’s married to hot Latino hunk Mark Consuelos, has three kids and looks not a day over 25. But she wasn’t always the hottest mom in Manhattan. Even Kelly Ripa had to start somewhere. Enter: “Dance Party U.S.A.”

This cheese-fest aired daily after-school on the USA Network. It was a blue-collar “American Bandstand” set in Philly. It looked like it had taken a dip in the Jersey Shore ocean, and hair spray was NOT a rare commodity on this program, nor were Z. Cavaricci pants, E-Sleep wear and the entire Spring lines from 5-7-9 and Merry-Go-Round. Teen icons abounded, such as Princess, Romeo, Eddie, Marizol as well as a young Kelly Ripa. That girl worked it. Biggest hair I’ve ever seen.

Just goes to show that you don’t know where you – and your hair – may end up or where your current job could land you. After reviewing her career and recalling her days on “Dance Party”, I’ve drawn three conclusions from Kelly:

  1. Give it all you got, no matter where you are.Even if it’s shaking your booty with a bunch of Bon Jovi-look-a-likes on a Jersey beach
  2. Keep your eye on the ball. Kelly didn’t stop at “Dance Party”. She knew she was made for more. She used her “party platform” as leverage for a role on “All My Children”, which ultimately led to her current gig on “Live!”
  3. Be yourself. Kelly ultimately landed a plum job on “Live!” for being cute…and authentic. In fact, it was while guest-hosting that she blew everyone away with her fresh-faced, down-t0-Earth sass. See? You never know when people are looking at you for a step up, so keep it real. This is something every successful person should remember

If you need a look back at “Dance Party U.S.A.” (and don’t we all?), visit http://www.yourdancepartyusa.com and listen to a little Stevie B. or Expose as background, if needed.

Perez Gets Punched. Is This a Case of What Comes Around Goes Around?

It’s about time.

I’m sickly addicted to checking Perez Hilton, and I know many of y’all are, too. But, I abhor his attacks and rants against people, no matter how much they may deserve it. I find him cruel, and I’ve been wondering when karma would kick him in the ass.

Well, it looks like the Black Eyed Peas’ manager Polo Molina has done just that. I’m not going to regurgitate the whole storys-MUCHMUSIC-VIDEO-AWARDS-large, but there’s a lesson to be learned.

Perez has flaunted his success (gained by dubious “means”, and I do mean “means”) gratuitously, and I think this is just the first instance of what could be a series of what comes around goes arounds. People are sick of his crap.

In hard times, people are desperate to make a buck and land that job of jobs, but remember who you are and where you came from. When you succeed by stepping on other people en route to the top, people will eventually see you for what you are, and you’ll come tumbling down.

So keep your wits about you during this recession or your job search. It’s not worth it to be ruthless in your pursuit.

Speidi–are you paying attention?

Photo: AP

GUEST BLOGGER: Miss PR Princess Takes on This New “Don’t Call Me Liz” Debacle in D.C.

From MPS: This story about Rep. Jim McDermott’s (D-Wash.) scheduler/office manager, Elizabeth “Don’t Call Me Liz!” Becton, has been burning up the Web today, and I just can’t believe someone could be so self-involved and stupid! Doesn’t she know email gets forwarded???  Well, I can believe it, but…  My dear friend and today’s Guest Blogger, Miss PR Princess, has provided some wise commentary that you should definitely soak in:

Your Reputation’s all You’ve Got
If you’re lucky enough to be employed, don’t sweat the small stuff; your future employment could depend on it. It’s inevitable; we spend a lot of time at work, and people are going to get on our nerves. Whether it’s the coworker who always tries to steal your thunder or the person in the cubicle next to you who cuts their nails at work; it’s always something. But it’s best to take the advice of relationship counselors and “pick your battles.”

For example, Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.), scheduler/office manager, Elizabeth Becton insists (and we do mean insists) on being addressed by her full name — not Liz or any other variant – to the point where she verbally attacked an executive assistant at McBee Strategic (story below). The outrageous e-mail exchange was leaked online, and now this woman could possibly be fired, and worse, her reputation destroyed! She could have just been having a bad day, and now she looks like a total schmuck who no one would ever want to work with. In today’s world, you never know what could get leaked online. And once it’s online; it will show up when your name is Google searched. It’s best to show restraint and keep your cool. If you need to have a difficult conversation, suck it up and have it face-to-face. Don’t put it in writing. Even, and especially if, it’s just “one of those days.” Your future reputation and employment opportunities could depend on it.

Thanks, Miss PR Princess. Love your advice! That chick needs to be run out of D.C. on her you know what.

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MPS Responds to WSJ Story: “Silencing the Voice That Says You’re a Fraud”

I totally saw myself in Melinda Beck’s article titled “Silencing the Voice That Says You’re a Fraud” on Tuesday in the Wall Street Journal‘s Health section.

Melinda’s piece discusses your harsh inner critic and how said critic can – ironically – lead many to be successful. But is also a symptom of depression, fear and anxiety. I attest this can be true.

I’m an eating disorder survivor and that inner critic kept me at it for years. At the same time, I was an honor student, class president, head cheerleader — all the annoying things you think of when you think of success (…and Tracy Flick. I know.).  It continued into my college years and even into my career.

It’s at the career point where this critic can really sabatoge you. Funny enough, some psychologists say they have patients who think their inner critic is the secret to their success.

If you’re out of work, you might be intimate friends with this bitchy inner critic. You might feel like you’ll never work again. Or that you don’t have the goods to compete out there. Believe me, I’ve done it!

When I was revamping my resume, I felt, like the piece says, a total fraud. Even though I knew I’d achieved all of what my resume said I did, having to position it in the most successful way possible made me feel like I had no business including the information at all. Like someone was going to call me out and I’d have no answers for the questions and be left there looking like an idiot. Of course, it wasn’t true. I was being ridiculous.

If you’re feeling this way and it’s hindering your job search progress or success in general, please check out Melinda’s article. She also includes a handy “How self-critical are you?” quiz. And we love quizzes!

The article does note that there are healthy and unhealthy versions of this “fraud” mentality. See my related post on “faking it ’til you make it“. I think this approach is merely pumping yourself up in a positive way:  http://tinyurl.com/n5paoj

What do you think?


You’re Fired! Miss California Carrie Prejean Gets the Axe – What Can You Learn?

I know I’m late on this one, but there’s a lesson to be learned for the unemployed and struggling.

2009 Miss California USA Carrie Prejean

Carrie Prejean has found herself without a job, and now lawyers, pundits and everyone else with a pulse (including annoying bloggers–ha ha) are weighing in, hurling accusations at one another and polluting our news feeds with this tiring drama. Again, my perspective and angle of this post have NOTHING to do with the gay marriage issue. I’m looking at this event as a perfect example of what can happen when you let your emotions get the best of you.

I stand by my previous post (see below). I think Carrie has the right to her opinion – whether or not I agree with it. I think Perez has the right to his opinion – no matter how obnoxious he may be. Let’s face it: You must be authentic and support your true beliefs in order to represent your self honestly.  BUT…if those beliefs and values clash with others, don’t create an ugly, immature fight. Don’t keep stoking the fires. Also, don’t keep putting yourself out there as a martyr. You will get burned.

Sometimes it’s best to let things go and MOVE ON. You’ll look like the bigger person and put yourself on the path to something more productive. That goes not just for Carrie Prejean and Perez Hilton but also for everyone else involved in this hubbub, for people being laid off, people in arguments within the workplace, with a family member, whatever.

What Job Seekers Can Learn from Miss California vs. Perez Hilton:  http://tinyurl.com/nxc7ww

Let’s Unleash the Experts: The Most Unique Job Search Story EVER. It Involves Puppets. Curious? Read On…


This might be one of the most unique job search tales I’ve ever heard. And it’s true. Couldn’t make it up if I tried (kind of wish I had). Here’s the story:

“When I was laid off from a high-paying Internet marketing position last September, I knew for my own sanity, I’d have to do something to stick out and also to establish my personal brand – especially because I was transitioning full-time into PR after 20 years as a journalist. I’m a true creative and felt it important to establish that to any potential employers. Also, even though I have consulted for major PR firms like Hill & Knowlton, Fleishman Hillard and Edelman, the lack of ‘agency experience’ was used against me. So I knew I had to stick out in some way. How did I do that? By using my daughter’s puppets and creating a YouTube series called PR Puppet Theatre where I offered PR advice to my puppet clients.

“I then pitched it to various places, including CNBC, which called it “must-see entertainment/education for every PR flack. I also used that when pitching agencies about my services, and my current boss hired me because of it, figuring rightly that if I can teach puppets about PR (and get press from CNBC), I should be able to help him. He was right on the money. In my second month on the job, I single-handedly tied a record for TV placements that had previously been set by three people.”


Okay, people, the bar has officially been set.

Kudos to David Moye! That is way out and wacky. And I love it!

David Moye is with Alternative Strategies, a San Diego-based PR agency.

You Could Learn Something from “Schooled”: A Book Review in Brief

schooled_book_launchRemember this book by Anisha Lakhani I was reading the other day? Well, I finished it and here’s what I learned:

Being ambitious + being a do-gooder + living in NYC = Prada-hungry, money-grubbing do-gooder with no scruples or self-respect, but a really hot bag

Seriously? I loved Schooled. Read it in about three sittings. Despite choosing a questionable path, the lead character/teacher-in-the-making is likable…even when she’s wayearnest and even when she eventually gets a little too obsessed with the new Chanel tote. I also adored the description of her school-subsidized apartment on NYC’s Upper East Side: A perfect, detailed portrait. Felt like I was back in my old 29th St. studio!

The book is fun, frothy and makes you realize that the job you want isn’t necessarily the one you get (It may also keep you on birth control for another 20 years). So, be careful when signing on that dotted line! And keep yourself in check! Remember what your mama taught you: Money doesn’t buy happiness or a conscience.

Do You Have a Plan B?

Friday’s New York Times Fashion & Style section boasted a piece called “What’s Your Backup Plan?” It got me thinking: If I hadn’t landed a job, what would I have done? What was my Plan B? And I’m not talking folding jeans at the Gap (but BTW–I would have done that).

As defined by writer Alex Williams, “Plan B typically offers less money and prestige than Plan A, but promises a more hands-on, stress-free and fulfilling existence.” Read the article–Alex’s journey into three “backup” jobs is pretty damn funny. Chocolatier or dog masseuse, anyone?

I’ll be honest: If  PR hadn’t worked out for me, I have absolutely no idea what I would have done. If I had to dare to dream, I’d say write this blog. I love speaking to you guys every day. It’s so fun, and I can do it for hours without batting an eyelash. If that hadn’t worked out, I suppose I could have gone for Broadway superstar.

What’s your Plan B?

Let’s Unleash the Experts: Quick Job Tip from Miriam Salpeter, Keppie Careers

“Don’t write [your] resume in a vacuum. Target jobs first, then connect the dots between what you offer and what the employer needs.” — Miriam Salpeter, Keppie Careers

Check out Keppie Careers here!  http://www.keppiecareers.com/

Miriam is very active on Twitter, too! She’s always giving out awesome tips. Follow her now @Keppie_Careers.

Help Me Help You: How to Aid Job Seekers in Their Quest for Employment

help_me_help_youThe New York Times Job section ran a great Q&A in its Career Couch column yesterday titled “Helping the Job Seeker Without Hurting Yourself”. Though it seems it’s directed at those helping the unemployed, it’s  a column EVERYONE should read.

If you’re looking for work, it will tell you what helpers are looking to hear and give you some basic etiquette tips. Here’s a quick one: No, you shouldn’t just ask if they know of any jobs. If you’re aiding job seekers, the piece tells what to do every step of the way — from the initial phone call to a brief face-to-face to a polite decline.

The overarching theme? Help for goodness sake! You never know when the job hunter will be YOU. This goes for currently jobless folks, too. What comes around goes around.


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