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WSJ Reports That Job Seekers Want to Find Resources and Contacts, Not Troll Job Fairs


Check out Joseph De Avila’s great article in today’s Wall Street Journal Career section titled “Ditching the Job Fair for  a Venting Opportunity”. It features our friends at Laidoff Moveon and LaidOffCamp.

The piece discusses events around the country that aren’t focused on recruiting but on meeting other laid-off people, trading job leads and exchanging resources. People helping people. Glad to know the word is still spreading, good karma is flowing and people are benefitting from others’ ingenuity!


MPS Newsstand Archives: FastCompany.com March 2009

fast company

Meant to send this out back in ‘da day, but I forgot. It’s still a great resource! Go check out FastCompany.com’s Top Jobs 2009 Web feature:  http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/web/133web.html

From Fast Company: “Downsized? Burned out? Just curious? We scoured the globe and grilled hiring experts for our annual package on the hot careers of this year and the future.”

Take a peek at the contents: 

  • Where in the World to Find a Job
  • Ten Best Green Jobs
  • Seven Steps to Surviving a Post-Layoff Existence
  • Dream Jobs to Delight Your Inner Child
  • Career Advice for Tough Times
  • Fast Cities 2009


Did You Find Your Summer Reading Escape This Weekend?

eye-schooledOver the weekend, I collected all the good,  juicy books I plan to read this summer. And, I had a precious two hours of sun over THREE days (thanks, Atlanta weather) during which I lay by the pool and dove right into Schooled by Anisha Lakhani.

This title came out last August and dishes dirt on the private school scene in NYC (which can only be described as a snake pit!). Why is it relevant to you? Well, the heroine of the book experiences much workplace dilemma and has you wondering whether or not taking a bad job is worth it. Plus, it’s just darn good fun.. so far!

I think Schooled is only available in hardcover right now. However, you can probably find a deal online or reserve it at your local library. 

Have you hit the paperback section yet?

Make It Your Job to Give Thanks on Memorial Day

Hope you will join me in giving thanks today to those troops who have given their lives to serve our country.

We may be experiencing tough times in our country, but we will prevail because America is a place of infinite possibility and opportunity. We wouldn’t have that if it weren’t for these brave men and women.

God Bless America!

Guest Blogger: Simone Grant – Just the Kick I Needed

I was laid off a few weeks ago from a job I really didn’t want or like.  I know that in this economic climate we’re all supposed to be happy for whatever work we have.  And I was.  So happy for it that I let that happiness blind me to the truth.  Which was, that I was wasting my time there.

You see, I left my “real” job 18 months ago so that I could take on less challenging work and achieve a better work/life balance.  The hope was that I’d ultimately find a way to transition into becoming a writer.  That was the plan.  And it was a good plan.  Until I realized I’d still need to pay the bills.

So I found myself a silly little day job to pay the bills and coasted along happily, not challenging myself much. Not rocking the boat any more than I already had.  Just happy the bills were being paid and that I had a little spare time each week to write.

Clearly the universe had other plans. 

I was a wreck for about 48 hrs after I got the news.  I pretended I was fine with it, but I wasn’t.  But then I quickly got moving and started writing like a demon, sending out pitches and applying to every blogger type job I could find.. 

And now I’m freelancing.  Writing and being paid to write.  And I have a couple of really interesting creative projects that I’m working on.  Am I making as much money as I was before?  No, not even close.  But maybe I will be in a few months.   Besides, I have things that are far more valuable now.  Freedom and time and the ability to work in my pajamas and pursue my passions.  None of which would have been possible if I hadn’t gotten laid off..  Seems like a fair trade to me.

by Simone Grant
Sex, Lies and Dating in the City

Volunteer’s Guilt


Forgive me Father for I have sinned.

Confession: Ever since I started back to work, I’ve found myself abandoning my own “call to action”. I have been a volunteer drop-out, and for that, I’m very sorry.

I’m the one person who should be returning thanks by getting my ass out the door and delivering those Project Open Hand meals. Karma was on my side when I landed a job, and now I need to give back.

I plan on recommitting myself soon. I promise. I hope you will consider donating your time to something you care about. Whether you know it or not, people need you.

Do you ever feel volunteer guilt? Am I the only slacker?

Flood of Job Search Tips Coming!

Hey, Pink Slippers (and those who think they are on the verge of joining the legions):

I have been collecting some good, unique job search tips to share with you soon. I think you’ll find they’re much different from what all those standard job sites are telling you.

Genius article! Need to Find a Job? Stop Looking So Hard