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Patron Saints of the Jobless: New Kids on the Block

newkids3It’s been a while since I’ve saluted a Miss Pink Slip “Patron Saint of the Jobless”.

For the uninitiated, I periodically honor one of our unemployed friends in entertainment who has managed to buck the system and, in some cases, make a legit comeback. Past honorees include Mickey Rourke, M.C. Hammer and Tori Spelling. 

The New Kids on the Block absolutely fall into this category. Now, many will tell you these boys have worked on and off since their days rockin’ gelled versions of the fade in BOP and Tiger Beat. But it wasn’t until last year that they reappeared on the musical stage for a reunion tour (which is still traveling the country and ends July 18 in Houston) and began gathering steam in the press. They were everywhere – even “Today” – and women in their 30s have been flocking to their shows screaming just like they did when they were 12 and in denim jackets encrusted with tiny buttons featuring their “boyfriend” Little Joe. I think my friend Rachel even wore a side-ponytail to the Atlanta show.

The bottom line is that these guys are raking in the bucks and have made girls the world over giddy again with the falsetto strains of “Please Don’t Go Girl”, “Hangin’ Tough” and “The Right Stuff”. We may stiffle giggles, but they’re guffawing all the way to the bank.

Here’s to you, NKOTB.

Follow-Up on Unemployment and Online Dating

You may remember that last week I asked your advice for a friend who’s currently unemployed but eager to date. She has done Match.com and eHarmony, but just doesn’t have the money for monthly fees right now. I asked what you thought about spending money for online dating sites when you don’t have a job. Just wanted to share some feedback I’ve gleaned from some of you terrific readers out there!

  • JDate has a way to have a profile without paying, so I’d assume other sites are the same. Then you just make your username the same as your instant message name and hope they find you!”
  • Check out PlentyofFish.com. It’s free. Also, greatboyfriends.com may be free at some point in the near future
  • Online dating can give you something to look forward to while you’re job hunting

I had more responses, but those were the best nuggets.

Check out these Advice Vixens
On a related note, I have to tell y’all to check out www.askejean.com (yes, from Elle Magazine’s grande dame of advice, E. Jean Carroll) for access to her Advice Vixens. You just type in your question, and you get tips, suggestions and insight straight from the mouths of women like you! Those ladies are on it, too! I got responses five minutes after submitting my questions.

Sure beats $100 an hour for a shrink!

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American Idol in Atlanta! I Wonder How Many Jobless Are Taking Their Chance at Stardom

idol_auditions_20090616122619_320_240What up, Dawg? PS–I couldn’t help myself — I hate Randy Jackson’s overuse of the word. It kind of embarrasses me for him.

American Idol is in Atlanta this week, and I’m wondering just how many aspiring songsters who just so happen to be jobless are in line.  Hell, if I was still looking for work and, ahem, a little bit younger, I’d be waiting for Paula and the gang. And I don’t even LIKE the show! What would be my audition song? Hmmm…maybe a lil’ Heart? Perhaps a few bars of “Jolene” by Dolly Parton? That would take some thought.

Fox Atlanta reports a registration cut-off at 8 a.m. tomorrow. The auditions begin Thursday (tomorrow), June 18.

Audition Information (also courtesy Fox 5)
“Atlanta registration for Season 9 auditions will take place on Tuesday, June 16 and Wednesday, June 17, and auditions will take place on Thursday, June 18. Both registration and auditions will take place at the Georgia Dome.

Georgia Dome
1 Georgia Dome Dr. NW
Atlanta, GA 30313
(404) 223-4636

Front Of Line: Gate D Entry
Parking: Area parking at varying rates
American Idol is not responsible for any parking rates or rules”




Photo: myfoxatlanta.com

What would be YOUR American Idol audition song?

Dear MPS: Should I Spend Money Online Dating While I’m Unemployed?


I’m posing this question on behalf of a friend who is tired of sitting at home in front of her computer, re-strategizing her job search, completely immersing herself in job advice, not socializing and, well, gettin’ no lovin’.  

She keeps saying that she’s rejoining eHarmony once she gets a job, but I told her I think she should look into eHarmony, Match.com or another service regardless if she’s employed. I know there are free sites, but the paid ones seem to have more credibility.

Why? I’m sure many are offering special deals in light of our economy, and the activity of communicating with others (and not having to talk jobs!) would be refreshing and healthy for the soul. Everyone could use a little lift, and going out on a few dates with new people — even if they’re not “the one” — just might be the spring in your step you’re seeking.

What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Think online dating while unemployed is a frivolous use of precious dollars? Have ideas for meeting people on the cheap? Not CHEAP PEOPLE. Dating cheaply! 🙂

Our girl needs your help and feedback!

Pink Pick: jobLANTA.com

Just discovered this great local site via Twitter:logo2

 jobLANTA.com, one-stop Atlanta job searching created by two born and bred Atlantans

From jobLANTA:

JobLANTA has one goal, find all of the available jobs in Atlanta and organize them in one easy to use website. We don’t just list jobs posted on our free job board we list jobs and links to every job website that serve the metro area. We also provide resume and interview tips to job seekers to help improve their chances of getting employed. We are always looking for new ways to better serve employers and potential employees. Owned and operated by two brothers who were raised and reside in Atlanta Georgia JobLANTA has a local home grown hands on approach that is unmatched in the Atlanta job market.”

Check it out and support your home boys!

Pink Slipped Actors: They’re Just Like Us!


It’s been really busy this week, but now that I have 5 minutes to myself, I wish to reflect on something very important in my life. Television.

The TV upfronts have taken place, and we’re getting a look the folks giving the Pink Slip Nation some star power.  Like all of us, I’m sure they’ll land on their feet…or on “Dancing with the Stars” (wait! That’s the same thing!). But for now, let’s reflect on a small snapshot of this affected talent:

  • Cast of “My Name is Earl” — though I hear there’s a “save me” campaign in the works
  • Christina Applegate, “Samantha Who?” — Guess that People‘s recent “Most Beautiful” campaign didn’t quite pan out as hoped
  • Kristin Chenoweth, “Pushing Daisies” — At least she’s got Broadway. She won’t be out of work for long
  • Henry “Hank” Rutherford Hill, “King of the Hill” — Hey. Animation’s got its own unemployment line!
  • Kitt, “Knight Rider” — Was there ever a question about this one?
  • Brooke Shields, “Lipstick Jungle” — Now it’s officially official
  • Joanna Garcia, “Privileged” — Oh, you can’t go further downhill than “Reba” (which you know I watch like a trainwreck!)
  • Selma Blair, “Kath & Kim” — I’m sure Selma will return to the world of wearing black, Dieter-like dresses and getting f’ed up hairstyles. That oh-so-relevant publicity should get ‘er something new


Go visit Michael for more details on your Fall network lineup!

Jobless and Need an Escape? Pick Up a Trashy Paperback for Some Summertime Smut

USA Today’s recent story about how trade paperback books are thriving in “tough times” thorn-birdgave me pause about reading, its escapist quality, its cheap availability and, most importantly, the upcoming  beach trash season. And what better time to dive into some light reading than now when you’re unemployed or broke and in need of an escape. Better yet, most of my favorite trashy titles are available in mass market paperback. I’m a former publishing gal, so I don’t want to take dollars out of my friends’ pockets, but I do know when times are tough, the used bookstore and library are fabulously cheap solutions!

Best, most have movie adaptations that have aired on Lifetime, WE or Oxygen and are probably available on Netflix. I’m a Netflix dropout, but you might still indulge!

Now, without further ado, below is Miss Pink Slip’s top 10 list of all-time favorite summertime smut titles:

  1. The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough
  2. Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann
  3. Peyton Place by Grace Metalious
  4. Once is Not Enough by Jacqueline Susann
  5. The Love Machine by Jacqueline Susann
  6. Hollywood Wives by Jackie Collins
  7. Princess Daisy by Judith Krantz
  8. The Best of Everything by Rona Jaffe
  9. I’ll Take Manhattan by Judith Krantz
  10. Any book by V.C. Andrews

Check out my Listmania! List on Amazon.com! http://tinyurl.com/o2j5ff