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10 Ways “The Brady Bunch” Can Help Make Your Layoff Groovy

brady-bunch-1I adored “The Brady Bunch”. I mean, who didn’t watch this show? Seriously: If you’re out there, I’d love to know who you are. You must have had a painful childhood. I used to be able to quote every episode and recall each cornball moment that TBS reran religiously throughout my grade school years.

While scanning this morning’s news, I saw that the Bradys are celebrating  their 40th anniversary (the show ran from 1969-1974). 40 years! Wow. I guess I need to buy them a silver platter or something.

It got me thinking: What in the heck has kept this family going? Of course, it’s the kitsch factor. This show was basically giving itself a wedgie throughout its entire run. 

But, these people seemed to surmount every obstacle put in their way. They worked up countless creative resolutions for their problems – whether it was overcoming a lisp or trying out for cheerleader. With that, I took a look back at my favorite “Brady Bunch” episodes and compiled a list of 10 tips for making your layoff “Bradylicious”.

  1. Buy a wig for a new look. Something really big and outrageous so you stand out. A black afro wig is really far out.
  2. Create a new gig for yourself. A variety show (see: “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour”) or seasonal TV movie is really cool.
  3. Call a celebrity to come save the day. Where are Davy Jones and Don Drysdale when you need ’em? Don Ho is especially groovy.
  4. Join every club you can get your hands on to network and meet new friends. Scuba’s right on. School plays are groovy, too.
  5. Make yourself a local celebrity by finding a record to break, something cool like teeter-totter.
  6. Form a family singing group, make up a funky fresh dance routine and enter a talent show to win money. Can you dig it?
  7. Take a trip to the Grand Canyon.
  8. Try to get a record contract. You might get to be somebody cool in the process, like Johnny Bravo.
  9. Become a pool shark.
  10. Express yourself by carving out a personal space. Is the attic taken? Don’t forget beaded curtains! Far out.

What did YOU learn from the Bradys?


Sending Job Search Karma to You Guys at Brides’, Too!

Goodness gracious! On the heels of Monday’s announcement that Conde Nast is closing four magazines, is the news that Brides is laying off twelve staffers. Who’s next? It’s like a death watch over there.


My Name Is Miss Pink Slip, and I’m a Shopaholic

confessionsIn order to save a few bucks on Saturday night, I stayed home and watched a movie on Comcast Pay-Per-View – the frothy, silly, yet somewhat entertaining “Confessions of a Shopaholic” with “Wedding Crashers” cutie Isla Fisher (fabulous hair) and my new favorite heartthrob, Hugh Dancy.

I related to the lead character’s pulse race upon having Henri Bendel’s iconic brown-and-white striped shopping bag looped around her arm. As she passes the mannequins whispering sweet nothings to her on Fifth and Madison Aves. As she drinks to be brave enough to open her bills. As she ultimately sells all of her belongings to pay off her credit card debt. No, I haven’t sold my clothes. I’ve just shopped in that SoHo warehouse where they set her sale. Actually, it’s a church reception hall in NYC where craftsmen sell jewelry, clothing and handbags. I recognized the address on the fake flyer in the film. That was the scariest realization of all.

I’ve known this for a while. I knew it pre-, pre-, pre-recession and pre-layoff. But, seeing it satirized on screen, it became real for me. I, Miss Pink Slip, am a shopaholic.

Now, I’m not a shopaholic in the film’s over-the-top sense. I own no Louboutins (although, I greatly covet them), and the only couture I’ve seen up close was at the Met last weekend at “The Model as Muse” exhibit.  That said, I’m best friends with the trinity: TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Loehmann’s. Half-price books at the Strand and on Amazon.com make me smile more than, well, Hugh Dancy. I have so much sh*t in my closet it’s unreal….and I have unreal debt to match.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, I’m trying to make a wholehearted effort to curtail the shopping. I’ve got to get a life and pay off the cards. And no, I’m not telling you how much there is to pay off. I’m keeping that little bit of denial for myself. Plus, I don’t want all you ever-so-helpful “credit counselors” stalking me.

Can I do it? Ha! As I’m typing this, my sister just emailed me a 30% off coupon for Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic. The demons are already upon me!

Any tips? I pray I’m not beyond hope.

Pink Pinks: Layoff Support Network and FiredNetwork

Both Layoff Support Network and FiredNetwork are free networking sites. Layoff Support is much like Facebook in that you set up a profile, and it features 13 sections teeming with content, both useful and fun. It’s “one-stop shopping”.

FiredNetwork is geared to “change seekers” and “change facilitators”. It connects:

Change Seekers               ->           To       ->         Change Facilitators
Job Seekers                                                                Employers and Job Angels
Entrepreneurs and Company Buyers                              Investors and Company Sellers
Job Seekers                                                                Entrepreneurs so they can partner

Check these great sitesfiredout and support your brothers and sisters in unemployment!

WSJ Reports That Job Seekers Want to Find Resources and Contacts, Not Troll Job Fairs


Check out Joseph De Avila’s great article in today’s Wall Street Journal Career section titled “Ditching the Job Fair for  a Venting Opportunity”. It features our friends at Laidoff Moveon and LaidOffCamp.

The piece discusses events around the country that aren’t focused on recruiting but on meeting other laid-off people, trading job leads and exchanging resources. People helping people. Glad to know the word is still spreading, good karma is flowing and people are benefitting from others’ ingenuity!


MPS Newsstand Archives: FastCompany.com March 2009

fast company

Meant to send this out back in ‘da day, but I forgot. It’s still a great resource! Go check out FastCompany.com’s Top Jobs 2009 Web feature:  http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/web/133web.html

From Fast Company: “Downsized? Burned out? Just curious? We scoured the globe and grilled hiring experts for our annual package on the hot careers of this year and the future.”

Take a peek at the contents: 

  • Where in the World to Find a Job
  • Ten Best Green Jobs
  • Seven Steps to Surviving a Post-Layoff Existence
  • Dream Jobs to Delight Your Inner Child
  • Career Advice for Tough Times
  • Fast Cities 2009


BREAKING NEWS: Breathing is the Answer to Unemployment Stress

Early this morning, I was sitting in a production room doing my best not to mess up. This was the first time I was undertaking a key task in my new job and was under the watchful eye of my boss (who’s awesome, BTW). However, my back immediately began to stiffen, I got more jittery (the third Diet Coke didn’t help) and my panic button was blinking, just waiting to be pushed. It was the same feeling I got almost every other day of unemployment. Then, I remembered something very simple. I hadn’t breathed! Not though my mouth, nose, ears, nothing!

I closed my eyes and drew a deep breath through my nose, letting the immediate calm wash over. I blew out through my mouth, careful to exhale every trace of breath in my body. I took another, then another. Slowly, surely. It was like being miserably hot and sweaty and jumping into a refreshingly cool swimming pool. Bliss…well, maybe a decent amount of calm ensued.

Sometimes we forget that the most obvious solutions to our problems are right in front of us and neither cost anything nor require anyone’s help. I had to remind myself of this each day after I found out I was getting laid off. Each time I sat in a chair waiting for an informational interview or anticipating the arrival of a random friend-of-a-friend with whom I was connecting for coffee (which I don’t even drink!).  I’m surprised I didn’t put Post-Its all over my apartment with “Breathe” screaming out from the neon yellow paper.

So next time you’re freaking out about your next job interview, your unemployment check that hasn’t arrived, work leads or paying the rent, please just breathe. Smile while you’re doing it. I promise it helps! You’ll be glad you did.

**Disclaimer: In the same vein as “no animals were harmed during the making of this film”, I’d like to say that I was not under the influence of Faith Hill’s “Breathe” or Anna Nalick’s “Just Breathe” during the writing of this blog post. Nor was I listening to the British super pop trio Breathe. Just wanted to make that clear.