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I Think I’m a Horoscope Whore: What’s In It For Me In 2010?

Every December, my magazine addiction kicks into an even fiercer gear when January issues begin hitting my mailbox. I frantically tear through each glossy mag, searching for that “astrology” or “horoscope” page usually listed under “In Every Issue” in the Table of Contents. 

Why? I’m always dying to know what happens next. Yes, I’m the one who reads the end of a book first. I’ll read recaps of TV shows that I haven’t seen yet just because I have to know what transpired. I love surprises, but it’s like tickling me until I pee in my pants. I just can’t take the suspense and anxiety!

All my favorite magazines have horoscope features: Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Town & Country, Elle… you name it. My favorite, however, is Cosmopolitan‘s “Bedside Astrologer”. I think it’s because every year, that risqué rag promises me a hot, passionate love affair to top all others with the kindest, manliest soul ever found on God’s green Earth. Yeah… I’ve been waiting for that to happen since the 1996 edition, Cosmo Friend. A girl can dare to dream, though.

Much like self-help reading, I think all these horoscopes have become too much for one’s brain to handle. Like information overload. Why can’t I settle for, “It’s a brand New Year;  let’s just see what happens”?  That’s a pretty novel concept, don’t you think?

Many of us have experienced monumental challenges this year – from job losses to a crashing economy to overseas wars, environmental disasters, etc. We all want answers to life’s biggest questions. It’s no surprise: All you have to do is look around you to know we could use a giant slice of faith and optimism. 

So here’s hoping you bring some ease to your life in 2010. You certainly don’t need a horoscope to tell you that.

Are you like me? Can you help taking a peek into the future?

–For the record, I believe one’s fate lies primarily with God. So no fun-killing, catty “horoscopes are the Devil” kind of comments.–

Picture: Cosmopolitan.com

Ex-Conde Nast Employees: MPS Is Sending You Good Job Search Karma!

gourmetIt’s no secret I’m a magazine whore. I adore the tactile experience of pulling it out of the mailbox, scanning the cover (sometimes gagging at the cover model) and crawling under my duvet to devour its contents. I love the artwork, which I don’t think can be justly reproduced online. I don’t think you can duplicate the reading experience online, either. Helloooo…I spend enough time at the computer.

So when the news came out Monday that Conde Nast was closing Gourmet, Cookie, Elegant Bride and Modern Bride, dedicated readers hit the Web to express their shock, sadness and displeasure. I mean, Gourmet has been the best friend of gastronomists for 70 years!

I’m still smarting after the closure of Domino, so afterbride thinking to myself “the bloodbath continues”, I thought of all the employees who are losing their jobs. The job market in NYC is tough enough. Hell, the market all over is still tough, especially in creative fields. So I want to send all the good karma and wishes I can your way, ex-Conde Nasters. Here’s hoping you find even better success down the road with fabulous new work! 



Today’s Cheap Thrill: Domino Magazine, Revisited

domino_village_3565This morning, I was looking for some past issues of Domino for a work project, and I had forgotten that I’d saved about three years’ worth of the now-defunct, yet brilliant and sorely missed style/design publication.

As I thumbed through a couple of the issues (November 2005 and September 2006, to be exact), I began oohing and ahhhing over the unexpected color combinations, the decor tips, the clutter cures, the chic makeovers and meticulously culled accessories. It was as if I was reading those issues for the first time.

Then, it came to me. Without spending any money on additional home magazines (yeah, that’s you, Elle Decor and House Beautiful), I was not only recycling old issues, I was also enjoying them as much as I had when I pulled them out of the mailbox back in 2005! It was all new to me.

How fabulous! I know now that I have oodles of hours ahead of free entertainment and education, thanks to some old, stowaway magazines and timeless editing.

I still spit on Conde Nast for removing this thing of beauty from our world.

Do you re-read old magazines? Are you as much of a magazine whore as I am?

What’s Your Pleasure?

abcsAs I was finishing off my bowl of ABCs and 123s chased with chips and salsa, I saw that “Little House on the Prairie” was on. And, not only that, but it was the episode where Ma thinks Pa is gettin’ it on with the young, attractive widow for whom he’s moonlighting in order to afford some fancy new dishes for the Ingalls’ dinner table. Sadly, I had a big ol’ smile on my face at the end of the show, then got to turn it to Lifetime for my double-dose of “How I Met Your Mother” re-runs. Ahhhh…guilty pleasures. Does it get any better?

When you’re down and out, unemployed, victimized by recession, dumped and/or stuck with roots that you can’t afford to have colored, guilty pleasures can be the only thing to get you through the muck. But just because they’re called “guilty”, don’t be coy about them bringing you joy. Embrace them. Honor them. Love them.

Herewith are Miss Pink Slip’s 10 favorite guilty pleasures. These are the things that bring me glee and cause me no shame. Well, maybe they do a little. Enjoy:

  1. My many, many magazine subscriptions. Vogue, Elle, O The Oprah Magazine, House Beautiful, Marie Claire, Cosmo, Time, Business Week, Atlanta Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, etc. The entire staffs of Hearst and Conde Nast should thank me for their jobs
  2. Horoscopes in the backs of those many, many magazines. Elle, barbieyou suck for getting rid of the Numerology page!
  3. Chef Boyardee. Ravioli. ‘Nuff said.
  4. “Touched by an Angel”. Shut up. I hear you judging me!
  5. Chili dogs
  6. El Azteca– only you Atlantans can appreciate the nastiness
  7. Romance novels of the 50s and 60s
  8. 64 box of Crayons and coloring books featuring Barbie 
  9. Seeing cheesy teen movies in the theater. I swear I was the only female in the audience of “Never Been Kissed” who’d actually had my period
  10. Show tunes(from “Annie”, “Sound of Music”, “Rent”) that pop up on my iPod while in the shuffle songs function

What are your guilty pleasures?

MPS Newsstand: Marie Claire June 2009

beyonce-marie-claire-june-2009-coverThe Good:

  • Beyonce on cover. I just like her, and I love that she’s telling all the boys to “put a ring on it”
  • Up-front fashion spreads. Granted, there are still Roger Vivier wedge espadrilles and Cartier watches, but there are equal amounts Gap, Timex and American Eagle
  • “What the Guys I Date Don’t Know”, pg. 69. About a girl born with rare body deformations and her dating woes. She talks about navigating men’s stupidity and how she keeps her chin up. See, things could be worse than looking for work
  • Library Card sidebar on pg. 78 – love the budget-friendly suggestion to borrow books. We love libraries! Help keep ’em in business!
  • The Careerist, pg. 90 – pretty decent advice on layoff insurance and how to keep your job in a tough environment. Not sure I like the “Tracy Flick” suggestion, but the rest of the “Pink-Slip Promotion” tips are sound
  • Recession-Proof Your Skin – tips for maximizing your skin care dollar
  • The Eating Diaries, pg. 172 – discusses how what you eat affects your skin, mind, energy and mood
  • Head Case, pg. 178 – stress, migraines and lost work. Offers tips on prevention and news on possible treatments
  • My horoscope – pretty durn positive. Looks like I’m going to have a hot date!

The Bad:

  • Beauty Buys, pg. 54.  Who has $175 for Estee Lauder solid perfumes??
  • Story on Indian customer service reps. When I read about the issues involved, I wonder why they take those jobs overseas in the first place. I know. I know. It’s $$$. And, it’s not the fault of the Indians working for our American companies. They’re just trying to make a rupee
  • Laser 101 – High Tech Skin Savers, pg. 164. Who in the hell can afford it?

The Ugly:

  • An “exclusive” look at Ashley Olsen’s “brand-new do”. She gets a cut by a high profile stylist, MC posts it minute-by-minute in progress. It literally looks like he blindfolded himself (which I know he didn’t b/c he’s in the pictures) and hacked away at her hair like Edward Scissorhands without the Scissorhands results. It’s heinous. Much like the Olsen twins’ wardrobes (post-“Full House”, that is)
  • Tropic Thunder beach fashion spread – the only people that could afford these clothes are socialites gracing the beaches of St. Barts. And that’s not us.  The “Shop the Shoot” companion page is more palatable.

The Verdict: Four Pink Slips. Nice balance of recession-worthy stories, serious profiles and luxury items we can dare to dream about. You can tell they’ve been diligent about taking our economic temperature and reflecting it in their pages.

(Photo: MarieClaire.com)

MPS Newsstand Coming Soon!

magazinesMagazines are a good cheap treat for the unemployed, but when there are so many gorgeous, colorful covers boasting “ultimate hair how-tos”, “pinching pennies” budget info as well as the latest fashion tips, gossip and in-depth features, etc., it can get overwhelming…and expensive!

You might remember that I have declared myself an unrepentant magazine whore. I’ve got subscriptions to about 15 magazines and often buy single-copy issues of others. It’s ridiculous. But, I’ve decided to turn my addiction into something positive for you.

Each month, I’ll give you a sneak peek of your favorite women’s, fashion and lifestyle publications and let you know if it contains quality editorial relevant for you, the Pink Slip readers, and others in the unemployed nation. I’ll grade each issue on a scale of pink slips from one to four, four being best:

  • One Pink Slip – Don’t they know there’s a recession going on? Not worth denying yourself lunch.
  • Two Pink Slips– Read it online.
  • Three Pink Slips – Track down a friend’s copy. Better yet, steal it from your doctor’s office. Isn’t that what COBRA’s for?
  • Four Pink Slips – Scrape some pennies from your couch cushions and head down to Target. Pronto.

I have an obnoxious stack of mags to go through for you. Will be back shortly with some April selections!

Magazine Whore

I subscribe to a ridiculous amount of magazines (some paid, some gifted, some funded by old airline miles), and in them, I’ve been finding more solace than not lately.

Marie Claire has a particularly good section on career and money for women. Check it out.


I’ll share more later!