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Let’s Unleash the Experts: Five Ways to Pay the Bills While Looking for Your Dream Job

So many people are so busy looking for that perfect job that they forget there is work they can be doing that not only brings in cash to pay the bills but also keeps your name and experience circulating among those who may be hiring.

Betsy Richards, Director of Career Resources at Kaplan University, has 18 years of career resources experience and has helped build career services at Barry University, Florida Atlantic University and now at Kaplan University  www.kaplan.edu, where she helps Kaplan’s 58,000 online and campus-based students achieve their professional goals. She offers her top five tips:

  1. Make sure you have income coming in while you are searching for your dream job. If you have a job, keep it, regardless of how different it is from your ultimate career goal.   While enthusiastically and effectively fulfilling your current job requirements, you can actively prepare for your next career move.  This includes working with the human resources department in your company to find out about open positions or internal training opportunities to help you develop the skills to market yourself for your dream job.  You can also take on new or additional assignments to build your qualifications.  Likewise, you should research what is available in your community and through professional associations that would enable you to develop the right skills.
  2. If you are starting your job search and aren’t finding many positions you would love to apply for, start applying for temporary to permanent positions.  Many may shy away from these jobs because they don’t include benefits or promise security for longer than a few months, but more and more companies are expanding their temp-to-perm opportunities into the future spanning two to three years.  Since most companies prefer to hire from within, once you get a job, you have a better chance of positioning yourself to be considered for a permanent full-time position, and hopefully your dream job over time.
  3. You may need to find part-time hourly wage work in order to have income flowing in to pay basic expenses while figuring out what you will do next.  You may need to lower your bills by cutting out unnecessary expenses, taking in a roommate or moving in with a family member.  If you are in this position, you may consider going back to school to earn a degree in their desired field or taking courses to advance your knowledge. You could also find a relevant internship (paid or unpaid) or volunteer for a non-profit or start-up to develop experience and build your resume.
  4. Freelancing is another option. Employers don’t have expectations that you’ll work with them during their normal hours, so you can do the work late at night from home or whatever works for you.  When marketing yourself as a freelancer, you are offering to complete a project for a company or a consultant.  There are many places to search for freelance opportunities, including job Web sites, such as craiglist.com, newspaper classified sections or supermarket bulletin boards.  You’ll need to tailor your resume for the type of freelance work you are seeking and prepare an “elevator speech” and letter for phone and email replies to listings.  Be sure that it communicates the skills and experience you have that are specifically relevant to the freelance work advertised.  You can also list your services on professional organization and industry-related Web sites and job boards.
  5. If you have years of experience or expertise in your field, consulting is an option.  While you will probably be working less than eight-hours a day, the client typically determines how much they want you to work and you set the hours. This is a way to use your MBA-level expertise to provide companies with strategic counsel and get paid a professional rate as you continue your job search.

Thank you so much, Betsy! Great information!

Guest Blogger: Simone Grant – Just the Kick I Needed

I was laid off a few weeks ago from a job I really didn’t want or like.  I know that in this economic climate we’re all supposed to be happy for whatever work we have.  And I was.  So happy for it that I let that happiness blind me to the truth.  Which was, that I was wasting my time there.

You see, I left my “real” job 18 months ago so that I could take on less challenging work and achieve a better work/life balance.  The hope was that I’d ultimately find a way to transition into becoming a writer.  That was the plan.  And it was a good plan.  Until I realized I’d still need to pay the bills.

So I found myself a silly little day job to pay the bills and coasted along happily, not challenging myself much. Not rocking the boat any more than I already had.  Just happy the bills were being paid and that I had a little spare time each week to write.

Clearly the universe had other plans. 

I was a wreck for about 48 hrs after I got the news.  I pretended I was fine with it, but I wasn’t.  But then I quickly got moving and started writing like a demon, sending out pitches and applying to every blogger type job I could find.. 

And now I’m freelancing.  Writing and being paid to write.  And I have a couple of really interesting creative projects that I’m working on.  Am I making as much money as I was before?  No, not even close.  But maybe I will be in a few months.   Besides, I have things that are far more valuable now.  Freedom and time and the ability to work in my pajamas and pursue my passions.  None of which would have been possible if I hadn’t gotten laid off..  Seems like a fair trade to me.

by Simone Grant
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