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Three Tips for Dreaming Big: Kelly Ripa Proves You NEVER Know Where Your Current Job Will Lead

Kelly Ripa is pretty much today’s Queen-of-the-Universe. She trades barbs and laughs with “Rege”DPUSAGroupPromo as part of a coveted regular spot on “Live! with Regis and Kelly“, she’s married to hot Latino hunk Mark Consuelos, has three kids and looks not a day over 25. But she wasn’t always the hottest mom in Manhattan. Even Kelly Ripa had to start somewhere. Enter: “Dance Party U.S.A.”

This cheese-fest aired daily after-school on the USA Network. It was a blue-collar “American Bandstand” set in Philly. It looked like it had taken a dip in the Jersey Shore ocean, and hair spray was NOT a rare commodity on this program, nor were Z. Cavaricci pants, E-Sleep wear and the entire Spring lines from 5-7-9 and Merry-Go-Round. Teen icons abounded, such as Princess, Romeo, Eddie, Marizol as well as a young Kelly Ripa. That girl worked it. Biggest hair I’ve ever seen.

Just goes to show that you don’t know where you – and your hair – may end up or where your current job could land you. After reviewing her career and recalling her days on “Dance Party”, I’ve drawn three conclusions from Kelly:

  1. Give it all you got, no matter where you are.Even if it’s shaking your booty with a bunch of Bon Jovi-look-a-likes on a Jersey beach
  2. Keep your eye on the ball. Kelly didn’t stop at “Dance Party”. She knew she was made for more. She used her “party platform” as leverage for a role on “All My Children”, which ultimately led to her current gig on “Live!”
  3. Be yourself. Kelly ultimately landed a plum job on “Live!” for being cute…and authentic. In fact, it was while guest-hosting that she blew everyone away with her fresh-faced, down-t0-Earth sass. See? You never know when people are looking at you for a step up, so keep it real. This is something every successful person should remember

If you need a look back at “Dance Party U.S.A.” (and don’t we all?), visit http://www.yourdancepartyusa.com and listen to a little Stevie B. or Expose as background, if needed.