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10 Ways “The Brady Bunch” Can Help Make Your Layoff Groovy

brady-bunch-1I adored “The Brady Bunch”. I mean, who didn’t watch this show? Seriously: If you’re out there, I’d love to know who you are. You must have had a painful childhood. I used to be able to quote every episode and recall each cornball moment that TBS reran religiously throughout my grade school years.

While scanning this morning’s news, I saw that the Bradys are celebrating  their 40th anniversary (the show ran from 1969-1974). 40 years! Wow. I guess I need to buy them a silver platter or something.

It got me thinking: What in the heck has kept this family going? Of course, it’s the kitsch factor. This show was basically giving itself a wedgie throughout its entire run. 

But, these people seemed to surmount every obstacle put in their way. They worked up countless creative resolutions for their problems – whether it was overcoming a lisp or trying out for cheerleader. With that, I took a look back at my favorite “Brady Bunch” episodes and compiled a list of 10 tips for making your layoff “Bradylicious”.

  1. Buy a wig for a new look. Something really big and outrageous so you stand out. A black afro wig is really far out.
  2. Create a new gig for yourself. A variety show (see: “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour”) or seasonal TV movie is really cool.
  3. Call a celebrity to come save the day. Where are Davy Jones and Don Drysdale when you need ’em? Don Ho is especially groovy.
  4. Join every club you can get your hands on to network and meet new friends. Scuba’s right on. School plays are groovy, too.
  5. Make yourself a local celebrity by finding a record to break, something cool like teeter-totter.
  6. Form a family singing group, make up a funky fresh dance routine and enter a talent show to win money. Can you dig it?
  7. Take a trip to the Grand Canyon.
  8. Try to get a record contract. You might get to be somebody cool in the process, like Johnny Bravo.
  9. Become a pool shark.
  10. Express yourself by carving out a personal space. Is the attic taken? Don’t forget beaded curtains! Far out.

What did YOU learn from the Bradys?