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ATL Social Butterfly Says TLC’s “What Not To Wear” Coming to Atlanta

what-not-to-wear1…and they’re looking for extras. For more details, visit the Atlanta Journal-Constitution‘s resident socialite, the Social Butterfly, via the link below!


TLC’s “What Not to Wear” is one of my all-time favorite shows, and it is the cheapest fashion consultant you can hire! I learn something new from Stacy and Clinton every time I watch–no matter how dire the case.     I <heart> me some Stacy London and Clinton Kelly.

On one episode, a woman actually owned and wore a shiny black lycra jumpsuit with plunging neckline to show houses; on another, one clueless clothes horse owned a pair of lucite slide sandals with light-up heels…. so many reasons to catch this program! Built-in trainwrecks. 🙂

Pink Picks: Unemploymentality and Social Butterfly



“The purpose of this blog is to report and document the growth of the unemploymentality, case-by-case, as it spreads across the globe in all its glory. Do you have the unemploymentality? We want to hear from you.”

This quick description I pulled doesn’t do the blog justice. It’s very funny and irreverant. And I love the name. 

Social Butterfly


Jennifer Brett is Atlanta’s “Social Butterfly”, our own society dame who reports on “fab” events, people and happenings for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She also pens a very cute blog on AJC.com. She’s got a post today on the comeback of the “hug”, and I love it. Darn it–we could all use a few more hugs these days! I also adore the discussion on the death of good grammar. The recession is not an excuse for us to become lazy with language!