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Miss Pale Pink Coat: Keeping Up with Little Pleasures

changeOne of the downfalls of our current economy is all the personal cutbacks we’ve had to make. We’ve cut back on our cable subscriptions, stopped having daily Starbucks, etc. Instead of cutting back, how about we find innovative ways to keep up with our little pleasures? Are you with me?

For several years I’ve had a bit of what you could call an iTunes addiction. But at the end of each month when I’d look at my bank statement and see all those transfers to iTunes I would get upset with myself. Did I really need to spend $50 [estimate] on iTunes? Probably not – but for a long time I lived in New York and I had a long commute. Being able to download episodes of “The Office” or “Alias” onto my iPod made my commute go quicker. But I had to find an innovative way to pay for my habits.

Then one day I was at the A&P sorting my change in the Coinstar machine when I saw it – the solution to my iTunes habit. Did you know at certain Coinstar machines [not all, unfortunately] you have the choice to 1. cash out 2. donate your change to charity or 3. GET AN ITUNES GIFT CERTIFICATE. Jackpot!

My normal rate of change gathering usually added up to about $12/week which was a perfect amount to fund my iTunes habit virtually guilt free. Change is money that we forget – don’t you often think of a found quarter here or there within your own house or car as free money? I do – and I’d just found a way to find $48/month, on average.

So what will you download with your change today?