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Three Things Job Hunters Can Learn From Jon Gosselin

jongosselin_edhardyIt was only a matter of time before TLC axed father-of-eight and douchebag du jour Jon Gosselin from its hit “Jon & Kate Plus 8”. The writing was on the wall, and still, I think the Ed Hardy-clad cad was shocked.

What can you learn from this debacle? A lot.

  1. If you’re trying to keep the job you have, make yourself indispensible. That means not abandoning your responsibilities. In fact, you should be doing your job better than ever before. If not, you’re rendering yourself useless. You’re no loss…you’re a liability. Jon Gosselin should be chauffeuring that passenger van, coaching Little League, making brownies for Girl Scouts and braiding pigtails outside his Pennsylvania home…all with a big, whitened-tooth grin on his face. He should be shooting for Father of the Year honors.
  2. If you get let go, go gracefully. If you don’t, that’s what people will remember most about you. For goodness sake, don’t bad-mouth your former employer, either. Making the national talk show circuit with your lawyer in tow isn’t going to do much for your reputation except make you look like a crybaby who lost a third grade kickball game. See also  Melissa Rivers on “Celebrity Apprentice”.
  3. If you’re looking for a new job, put your best face forward. The best face you’ve ever put forth in your life. If, like Jon, you’re partying with jailbait, busting the budget and spending your time courting sleazy tabloids, your reputation is going to stink like bad cologne I imagine Jon is wearing. People will avoid you like the plague.

What else can we learn from Jon Gosselin? When will TLC finally give Kate the boot? When will the kids launch an internal revolution and overthrow their captors…er parents?

Need Free Fashion Advice? All You Need is a Little TLC

top-wntw-662x355I am a proud “What Not to Wear” addict, and I have to tell you: I’ve learned so much about fashion, what clothing is appropriate and how it should fit by watching the ever-styled Stacy London and Clinton Kelly (along with hair guru Nick Arrojo and makeup maiden Carmindy). I swear–I think this show is on all the time. So, don’t let me hear you say you look like crap and don’t get out of your yoga pants because you can’t afford a fashion consultant.

Along with overhauling one clueless “trashionista” (oh–I think I just made that word up. Love it!), Stacy, Clinton, Nick and Carmindy share great tips that you can take with you next time you’re at the mall or in your own closet. Whether you’re 100 lbs. or tipping the scales at 200, they know exactly what to do to transform you into a tasteful, tailored and tremendously turned out woman whom anyone would want representing their company.

In addition to the ubiquitous show airings, you can check out the Web site: http://tlc.discovery.com/fansites/whatnottowear. It’s a wealth of information…all free of charge. No fees. No by the hour rates. 

So change the channel, girl! A little tip: I like to go run at the gym around 6 p.m. ET on weeknights because there’s always a great WNTW re-run. Nothing better than cute, tailored frocks to make you go faster on the dreaded treadmill.  Friday nights, you can catch two or three episodes!

What If Jon and Kate Had Read Suzy Welch’s New Book 10-10-10?

kate-jon-gosselin-gThe “Jon and Kate Plus 8” chaos makes me want to hide under my bed with enough rations for a year. It permeates every news medium and entertainment blog, and the drama just continues to fester like a sore without Neosporin®.

Does success really come with this big a price? It can, and all of this fallout could possibly have been avoided if Jon and Kate Gosselin had simply been connected with Suzy Welch, former Harvard Business Review editor and wife of business icon Jack Welch.

Suzy’s new book, 10-10-10 (Scribner) is genius. When I first read about its premise, it was eye-opening. About as eye-opening for me as the iconic phrase, “he’s just not that into you” (I still thank Ron Livingston/Jack Berger daily for that bit of wisdom). And that’s saying something!

There’s a whole back story, but in essence, when faced with a tough decision, Welch considers the possible consequences within the next 10 minutes, in 10 months, and in 10 years. This process helps put everything in perspective and walks you through an informed, well-plotted decision-making process.  Glamour called 10-10-10 “The Best Decision-Making Tool Ever”.

So, let’s take a look at Jon and Kate Gosselin. If they’d employed 10-10-10, they might have found that:

  • If we take this offer from TLC, what could we get out of it in the next 10 minutes? A fat check that will pay for those truckloads of diapers I just charged on our Visa. Whew! Talk about saving us from bankruptcy!
  • What about 10 months from now? Oh, it could be fun for our family memory book to have all these episodes to look back on. A book deal? Wow–that money can add to the kids’ college funds. They’ll be little. They probably won’t remember anything about the filming.
  • 10 years from now? Will our kids be overexposed and screwed up after years of being on TV and in the public eye? All these cameras around and media obligations might be stressful. Do you think our marriage can handle it? Will we become prisoner to the paycheck?

suzySee what I mean? They could have been using 10-10-10 through the show’s production, too, and realized that maybe they should stop filming it for the sake of twins Cara and Mady, and sextuplets Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel and Leah.

A simple tutorial by Suzy could have saved these parents and their kids from seeing themselves on every US Weekly and People cover, “Entertainment Tonight” segment and gossip/TV blog posting.

I feel so sorry for those children, and if this whole thing had been thought out with a better eye toward the future, it could have shaken out much differently.

What does this mean for you? As you vet job offers and work opportunities, think about what that offer might mean to you and your family in 10 minutes, 10 months and in 10 years. Depending on your priorities, it can save you a lot of trouble.

I just bought 10-10-10, and am ready to dig in! Let me know if you’ve read it.

Photo: US Weekly

ATL Social Butterfly Says TLC’s “What Not To Wear” Coming to Atlanta

what-not-to-wear1…and they’re looking for extras. For more details, visit the Atlanta Journal-Constitution‘s resident socialite, the Social Butterfly, via the link below!


TLC’s “What Not to Wear” is one of my all-time favorite shows, and it is the cheapest fashion consultant you can hire! I learn something new from Stacy and Clinton every time I watch–no matter how dire the case.     I <heart> me some Stacy London and Clinton Kelly.

On one episode, a woman actually owned and wore a shiny black lycra jumpsuit with plunging neckline to show houses; on another, one clueless clothes horse owned a pair of lucite slide sandals with light-up heels…. so many reasons to catch this program! Built-in trainwrecks. 🙂