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5 Cheap But Classy Hostess Gifts; Yes, Good Manners Still Apply to the Jobless

imgCATMSY2OSometime over the summer (hopefully this weekend over July 4th!), I hope you’ll get some invites to a friend’s beach house or a family member’s lake cabin. You may be unemployed, but you still need a vacation. In fact, you probably need a getaway more than anyone! But you can’t go empty-handed. Good manners still apply to the jobless, and I have five inexpensive host/hostess gift ideas that will be memorable and easy on the pocketbook:

  1. Embroidered tea towel – always fun and decorative. Found at most gift and home stores, many sell for around $20. Find out your host’s favorite color or room hue to make it more personal
  2. Personalized cocktail napkins or coasters – Useful and thoughtful. Can be demurely designed, monogrammed or sporting witticisms. Depends on how well you know your guest! Gift stores like Swoozies have great selections
  3. Exquisite truffles or other treats – You can purchase a small, but luxurious box of truffles that will make any host swoon. Yes, Godiva, Vosges and other high-end chocolatiers have selections for about $20. Whole Foods also has great sweet treats
  4. Monogrammed soaps, carving boards or party cups – No advance preparation required! Go for a single monogram — many gift stores have entire alphabets available. Very simple, but tasteful. 
  5. An armful of simple blooms like tulips or a bottle of wine – Many experts advise against both: Blooms require your host to find a vase; your gift of wine may make the host think they have to serve it. However, both options are easily accessible, affordable and will look SO much better than empty hands

Simple rule to remember: You’ve got a free place to stay and are often mooching free food and drink, so you can spend a few bucks to thank the person who’s providing you an oasis.

Another simple rule to live by: Buy the best you can afford. Even if it’s small and costs 10-20 bucks, if it’s exquisite, your host will be blown away by your refined taste, attention to detail and thoughtfulness.

Who Else Needs to Read 10-10-10? Mr. Hilton, That’s Who

perezlawCeleblogger, penis artist and online  bully Perez Hilton has filed a civil lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Polo Molina, the road manager of the band Black Eyed Peas. Is it really worth the extra publicity, Perez, for people to have even more reasons to think you’re a jackass? First, Miss California and now this?

Get thee a copy of 10-10-10-, Perez. Every decision has consequences, and I think Suzy Welch can help you.

PS: This is one guy who actually should be unemployed. I really don’t like being a hater, but I truly hate bullies.

Follow-Up on Unemployment and Online Dating

You may remember that last week I asked your advice for a friend who’s currently unemployed but eager to date. She has done Match.com and eHarmony, but just doesn’t have the money for monthly fees right now. I asked what you thought about spending money for online dating sites when you don’t have a job. Just wanted to share some feedback I’ve gleaned from some of you terrific readers out there!

  • JDate has a way to have a profile without paying, so I’d assume other sites are the same. Then you just make your username the same as your instant message name and hope they find you!”
  • Check out PlentyofFish.com. It’s free. Also, greatboyfriends.com may be free at some point in the near future
  • Online dating can give you something to look forward to while you’re job hunting

I had more responses, but those were the best nuggets.

Check out these Advice Vixens
On a related note, I have to tell y’all to check out www.askejean.com (yes, from Elle Magazine’s grande dame of advice, E. Jean Carroll) for access to her Advice Vixens. You just type in your question, and you get tips, suggestions and insight straight from the mouths of women like you! Those ladies are on it, too! I got responses five minutes after submitting my questions.

Sure beats $100 an hour for a shrink!

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Free Haircuts in Athens, Ga. on July 12! Arbor Salon and Spa to Host a “Job Fair for Your Hair”

arbor_bannerWill you be near Athens, Ga. on Sunday, July 12? Head over to the Arbor Salon and Spa for a unique event! Thanks to reader Janet Prince Kilpatrick for the following scoop!

“Recognizing umemployment rates in Georgia are reaching historic levels, The Arbor Salon and Spa is announcing a ‘Job Fair for your Hair’ Sunday, July12th, between the hours of 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. Stylists from the Arbor Salon and Spa, 1155 Mitchell Bridge Rd., Athens, Ga. will be offering free haircuts to anyone currently unemployed and actively seeking employment.

“Suggesting ‘be smart and look the part’, stylists will be providing cuts allowing you the confidence to put your best face forward. If interested, please contact the salon at 706- 543-2418, or contact them on the web at http://www.arborsalonandspa.com. No appointments will be taken but stylists will be looking forward to working with guests on a first come, first serve basis. Working in conjunction with Harry Bissetts Bayou Grill, light food and refreshments will be provided.”

I always say a good haircut is your best accessory.

You’re Fired! Miss California Carrie Prejean Gets the Axe – What Can You Learn?

I know I’m late on this one, but there’s a lesson to be learned for the unemployed and struggling.

2009 Miss California USA Carrie Prejean

Carrie Prejean has found herself without a job, and now lawyers, pundits and everyone else with a pulse (including annoying bloggers–ha ha) are weighing in, hurling accusations at one another and polluting our news feeds with this tiring drama. Again, my perspective and angle of this post have NOTHING to do with the gay marriage issue. I’m looking at this event as a perfect example of what can happen when you let your emotions get the best of you.

I stand by my previous post (see below). I think Carrie has the right to her opinion – whether or not I agree with it. I think Perez has the right to his opinion – no matter how obnoxious he may be. Let’s face it: You must be authentic and support your true beliefs in order to represent your self honestly.  BUT…if those beliefs and values clash with others, don’t create an ugly, immature fight. Don’t keep stoking the fires. Also, don’t keep putting yourself out there as a martyr. You will get burned.

Sometimes it’s best to let things go and MOVE ON. You’ll look like the bigger person and put yourself on the path to something more productive. That goes not just for Carrie Prejean and Perez Hilton but also for everyone else involved in this hubbub, for people being laid off, people in arguments within the workplace, with a family member, whatever.

What Job Seekers Can Learn from Miss California vs. Perez Hilton:  http://tinyurl.com/nxc7ww

Do You Have a Plan B?

Friday’s New York Times Fashion & Style section boasted a piece called “What’s Your Backup Plan?” It got me thinking: If I hadn’t landed a job, what would I have done? What was my Plan B? And I’m not talking folding jeans at the Gap (but BTW–I would have done that).

As defined by writer Alex Williams, “Plan B typically offers less money and prestige than Plan A, but promises a more hands-on, stress-free and fulfilling existence.” Read the article–Alex’s journey into three “backup” jobs is pretty damn funny. Chocolatier or dog masseuse, anyone?

I’ll be honest: If  PR hadn’t worked out for me, I have absolutely no idea what I would have done. If I had to dare to dream, I’d say write this blog. I love speaking to you guys every day. It’s so fun, and I can do it for hours without batting an eyelash. If that hadn’t worked out, I suppose I could have gone for Broadway superstar.

What’s your Plan B?

iPhone @ $99? Um…Still Don’t Think I’m Buying If It Means I Have to Use AT&T

iPhone_3G-2_270x324Have you heard there’s a new Apple iPhone coming June 19? (I kid…it’s everywhere. Of course you’ve heard it).

For those not in the know, Steve Jobs’ crew also has a $99 iPhone 3G. Now that the prices are lower, will you buy one? Even if you’re unemployed or struggling in this recession?


P.S.–My Dad even has an iPhone. I think I officially have no cool points left. They’ve all been transferred to Daddy Dave…

Mindless Movie Monday: Hey! Joey Buttafuoco Over Here!

Got a minute to spare? Need to feel better about yourself?

amy%20alyssaTune into Lifetime Movie Network today at 12 noon ET for a classic film in the made-for-TV docudrama genre. Alyssa Milano stars in “Casualties of Love: The ‘Long Island Lolita’ Story”, the televised movie about the Joey Buttafuoco/Amy Fisher disaster. Acid washed jeans? Check! Zubaz pants? Check again! Long Island claw-bangs? You got ’em!

Jack Scalia is appropriately sleazy as Long Island Letch Joey Buttafuoco.

Do you remember the night this originally aired on network TV? If memory serves me correctly, Drew Barrymore’s standout flick “The Amy Fisher Story” also made its debut the same night. I think my high school friends and I had a Sunday night viewing party. Trashtastic!

For extra giggles (read: gags), check out the muscle shirts and gold chains Jack Scalia wears throughout the program. If the real Joey sported those gems, I can see why Amy couldn’t resist parking her car in his garage (or is it the other way around?). Either way, bleeecccchhhh.

You may be unemployed, but at least you’re not dating Joey Buttafuoco.

Help Me Help You: How to Aid Job Seekers in Their Quest for Employment

help_me_help_youThe New York Times Job section ran a great Q&A in its Career Couch column yesterday titled “Helping the Job Seeker Without Hurting Yourself”. Though it seems it’s directed at those helping the unemployed, it’s  a column EVERYONE should read.

If you’re looking for work, it will tell you what helpers are looking to hear and give you some basic etiquette tips. Here’s a quick one: No, you shouldn’t just ask if they know of any jobs. If you’re aiding job seekers, the piece tells what to do every step of the way — from the initial phone call to a brief face-to-face to a polite decline.

The overarching theme? Help for goodness sake! You never know when the job hunter will be YOU. This goes for currently jobless folks, too. What comes around goes around.


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Pink Pick: jobLANTA.com

Just discovered this great local site via Twitter:logo2

 jobLANTA.com, one-stop Atlanta job searching created by two born and bred Atlantans

From jobLANTA:

JobLANTA has one goal, find all of the available jobs in Atlanta and organize them in one easy to use website. We don’t just list jobs posted on our free job board we list jobs and links to every job website that serve the metro area. We also provide resume and interview tips to job seekers to help improve their chances of getting employed. We are always looking for new ways to better serve employers and potential employees. Owned and operated by two brothers who were raised and reside in Atlanta Georgia JobLANTA has a local home grown hands on approach that is unmatched in the Atlanta job market.”

Check it out and support your home boys!