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I Vanna Be Ivanka

trumpWell, not really, but I think she’s rather interesting.

It would be easy to hate Ivanka Trump. She’s drop-dead gorgeous, has a degree from Wharton and one of the richest (yet most annoying) fathers in America. She could easily be yet another Paris Hilton or Casey Johnson, leaping from banquette to bedroom and adopting random toy pets, but she has escaped that route and is actually contributing something positive to society as a vice president of the Trump Organization.

Ivanka released a book today titled, aptly, “The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life”, and according to the publisher, it “shares the life lessons and hard-won insights that have made her a rising star in the business world.”

Now, many of you are probably saying to yourself : “Duh, she’s a Trump. What does she know about hard work?”

I have not read the book, but Ivanka seems to have a strong head on her shoulders. You’ve never seen her plastered all over Page Six, she works hard for her money (apologies to Donna Summer) and based on her “Good Morning America” interview this morning, she is classy and articulate. And no matter how God-awful I find her dad, he has always ensured his kids are well-mannered, engaged in the world and know the value of a hard day’s work.

This title is geared specifically to young women, and if you’re in that entry-to-mid level career category or are searching for your first job, I’ll bet she has some good things to say to you. Check out “The Trump Card” at your local library.

Ivanka’s scheduled to be on ABC’s “Nightline” tonight at 11:35 p.m. ET.

Click below for more information and an excerpt: